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Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

Fashion photography is a style of photography that is done to showcase different types of clothes but keep in mind that it’s not always about the clothes that makes it a beautiful shot. It takes a lot of expertise and technique to have a perfect shot.

Here are some tips for beginners who are ready to indulge in this fun and creative photography

Have the Right Equipment

Fashion photography usually requires your camera to be fully equipped with lenses and other gears that are specifically intended for use in this line of work. If you are working in a studio, you may want to use 35mm lenses which gives you a right working distance having space to zoom out when you have cramped up areas. At the same time, it also allows you to have a proper zoom in to get close to your model with him/her being anxious.

If you’re going to a catwalk for a fashion show, a zoom lens can be of good use wherein you can get a full body shot or a head to shoulder shot from afar. There are zoom lenses that can be used indoor or outdoor.

You may also want to consider adding some gear such as the vertical grip frame which also serves as an extra battery pack for a day-long shoot.

Camera Settings

Setting up your camera before starting to can save you a lot of wasted shots because of poor handling techniques. If you are shooting in a studio, use a single shoot setting and take your time to make that shot, as it also saves you a lot of space in your memory drives.

If you’re going on catwalk events, make sure to use a fast shutter speed or a fast lens to make sure your model is in focus with your camera even if he/she is moving and having a lot of poses.

Lighting is Key

When having a shoot in a studio or outdoors, lighting plays a crucial role in fashion photography. Make sure to know the difference between a bounce and catch the light and how to use a backlight. Reflectors can also be used for additional lighting and are easy to carry and bought at a low price.

If you Want to Explore Fashion Photography, There are 3 Different Kinds; Catalogue, Editorial, and High Fashion Photography.

Catalog fashion photography is more of an information image wherein your shot if focused on the clothed being seen clearly with its details. It is usually used by companies to sell their products to the market.

Editorial fashion photography is mainly focusing on styling the model as it also depicts a story behind the clothes worn. Models are designing with specific garments that portray a story or scene.

High fashion photography usually costs a lot of money because well-known fashion brands are hiring supermodels or famous actors and actresses. The theme of this photoshoot is shown in all of the elements in the picture, from hairstyle, make-up, styling, to its wardrobe. The poses can be exaggerated and can be out of this world to create one powerful image.

If you want to try another creative style of photography other than fashion, you can also try boudoir photography Houston tx, which requires a lot of passion, finesse, and art to be able to bring satisfaction to your customers.

Take your time and learn from your experiences and be the best fashion photographer that you can be!