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Perfect Travelling tips for family & holiday

If you have not travelled around the beaches of Australia then you should think that; you did not observe the perspective of beauty and nature. Beaches are the places where one can actually enjoy to the great aspects of trees, sand as well as the water. You enjoy a lot when you stay your time during holidays. The truth is that; beaches are open places where you can have lot of fun with your family as well as your friends in summer holidays. Sky water of beaches becomes the major attraction for you and then you start enjoying in the water. We will discuss the beaches of Western Australia that seem to look natural beaches and they will change to your state of mind.

Spectacular the Basin, Rottnest Island becomes your favourite holiday spot

This place is basically an island but on the other hand, people take it as a beautiful beach. They get sudden peace when they visit to this beach looking island. You also feel like you are present in the heaven of this beautiful planet. This place works as a relief giver to your mind. When you come to this island, you forget all your previous disputes and nonsense talks. There is only one thing that comes to your mind and that is an attraction towards this island due to its great beauty. Sediment under the water touches to your soft feet and you get more excited to swim across the water of this island. Plants as well as trees are also there to give you the feeling of nature. You have fun for the whole day on this island.

Heavenly Cottesloe Beach of Perth

People have built their homes on this beach. In the surroundings of beach, there are trees as well as grasslands. Everything seems to look so charming and beautiful around this island because this beach looks like the scenery of nature. There are little rocks that can be seen over the water of this beach. When you come close to the beach, it seems like the water’s colour is green and when you go ahead a little, water changes into the sky colour. This is the combination of water that motivates you to like this beautiful beach. If you will take your children to this beautiful beach then you should understand that; they will obviously play over the sand. Children must be the part of this beach in holidays.

Beautiful Coral Bay gives you the relaxing mood

This is also the best holiday spot because area of this beautiful place is wide and open. The fact is that; there are trees around this natural place. If you are standing too far away from the homes built on this day, you would feel like you are present in the scene of nature. White sand of this place will make you habitual to sit on it. If you are relished to take bath in the water of beach then you can easily do this act. When you come here along with your children, you do not like to go anywhere besides spending your time on this beach not for an hour but on the other side, you like to spend your time for the whole day.

Trendy Sandy Bay, Exmouth is an excellent natural destination

If you will observe this beautiful and natural looking place, you will observe that the colour of sea water is light green. Plants can also be seen and I want to tell you that; this is an actual place that will make you broad-minded. If you want to travel a place where your laziness should be dispelled then you must visit to this place. Your day can be made the unforgettable one when you sit over the sand and enjoy with your children. All types of physical games could be played here. The fact is that; there is a small way that goes directly to the sea water. You can have a jaunt with your friends through this way.

Noosa National Park, QLD.

Noosa National Park is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 121 km north of Brisbane. Stay at Sunshine  Coast Hotel or alexandra-headland and enjoy walking trails through Noosa National Park.