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A Detailed Discussion on the Varied Types of Angel Tattoos

Among all the designs that modern-day individuals from all across the globe carve on their bodies, ‘angels’ are considered to be the most popular. They can represent one’s utter determination to overcome any sort of adversity and can also mean valor, power, or victory.

With so many mysterious connotations attributed, many are opting to get this particular motif on their arms, back, legs, chest, etc. If you are planning to do the same, consider checking out the following write-up, where I have jotted down a few common options to choose from.
  • Arch angels are believed to be the most intellectual and powerful entities createdby God. They could continue to enjoy their high position if and only they always abide by heaven’s commandments and rules. People prefer this design a lot probably because it is deeply religious and have immense spiritual intensity. Arch angels are usually etched with a sword and shield, which signifies their courage to fight against evil.
  • Fallen angels are the ones, who went against the dictums of God and were banished from heaven forever due to their allegiance to Lucifer or Devil. When carved on one’s skin, these angels are given a face full of melancholy and despair. Individuals, who choose fallen angel tattoos generally do so for expressing their darker side and to rebel against the conventional notions  of society. These have managed to garner much recognition.
  • According to the highly proficient professionals working in the renowned Australian owned tattoo shop of Phuket, guardian angel tattoos are also increasing in demand nowadays. Considered as the defenders of all living beings, these angels are etched along with a younger child or infant to highlight their nurturing or caring nature. People usually opt for this design to assure themselves that there is someone up there, who is always guiding them. It could also act as tribute to a closed one, who has lately passed away.
  • Angel of Death, popularly known as Grim Reaper, is an exceptionally popular icon symbolizing that all things of Earth are finite and would reduce to ash someday. Anyone having an apparition of this angel is believed to be cursed. With large wings, skull face, and a bladed axe, Grim Reaper is often tattooed on a man’s back to depict incredible power, which can never be stopped. It also manifests that life, no matter how beautiful it is, has to end.
  • Cherubs are exceptionally innocent angels with small wings, who bear close resemblance to small children in terms of physicality. Cupid is perhaps the most recognized cherub and it is tattooed by many. Symbolizing destiny and love, you can get this design for expressing affection towards your beloved. You can also carve your partner’s name near this tattoo. 
Now that you are aware of the varied kinds of angel tattoos, feel free to choose any one as per your wish. Even though much common, the physical stature of different angels could be carved only by competent and experienced artists, who have credible reputation in the market.

Do schedule an appointment with a professional after conducting a thorough background check and seeking specialized recommendations.