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What Makes Hollywood The Most Loved Film industry?

Starting with the pre and post-world war scenarios, the American dream, the superheroes, the psychological thrillers, the haunting horrors, the romantic comedy or a biographical sketch, you name it, and Hollywood has blockbusters to show for it!

Contrary to what many may argue in the light of recent developments, Hollywood remains the most loved film-industry with a very global and cosmopolitan outlook.

Since 100 years of its inception Hollywood has been tried and tested through the World Wars, the golden age of American cinema, it's decline and the digital revolution, adapting to the changing times and the preferences of the people. In a broader sense, Hollywood is representative of the ‘Never say die' American spirit that believes in pushing boundaries to harness the best.

What makes Hollywood so great is its extraordinarily talented pool of creative community that is an amalgamation of the best in the world. Hollywood honors talent and excellence above everything else and gives everyone a platform to prove their mettle.

This principle of Hollywood is quite evident in the rise of a fairly young studio: STX entertainment, which has, in just four years since its inception, managed to carve out a name for itself purely on the basis of their movies and productions which the audience love and can relate to. Bob Simonds, the founder, understands the pulse of Hollywood and with STX Entertainment is trying to foray into cross-platform expansion into emerging global markets

There is no denying the fact that European, French, Chinese, Iranian, Indian, Japanese, Korean and other world cinema films have their unique flavors but Hollywood epitomizes the spirit of global cinema.  Hollywood successfully captures the imagination of the people with its poignant and detailed direction, realistic portrayal of characters, exciting plots, a silence that speaks and a diverse cast that always delivers aces.

And last but not the least is marketing in Hollywood, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world (when sometimes the marketing budgets even exceed the cost of production!). Hollywood knows what fans love and serves it to them because a movie's ultimate success is based on how it makes the viewer feel. Apart from the usual advertisements on print, TV, social media, Hollywood blockbusters go beyond traditional marketing, and they sell a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves the audience wanting more: be it customized merchandise or custom emoji's on twitter. Hence Hollywood is everywhere, and it is really hard not to be drawn towards their elaborate and mesmerizing spread

Hollywood continues to inspire millions and at the same time is the torch bearer for the advancement in motion pictures with its sophisticated film production techniques, visual effects, and computer-generated imagery. Soon, Hollywood will surely up its ante with Artificial Intelligence coming in which might revolutionize the movie-watching experience altogether.