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9 Crucial Style Lessons To Be Learnt From Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is one heck of a woman - she’s a kickass writer, a hilarious actress and a total babe with an amazing sense of style! What’s not to love? While she garners attention for her wisecracks, her wardrobe doesn’t get as much attention as it should.Kaling is usually the first actress to take any new trend in stride and she isn’t afraid of taking style risks. But the most important style lesson this comedian imparts is to own her personal style and rock it.

If you go through Kaling’s photos, you will see that while the print and colour of her clothes changes on a daily basis, she tends to stick to one failsafe silhouette almost religiously – her ‘just-above-the-knee’ shift dress. While this makes her look stunning, the dress is so versatile that it can be worn all year round. It might also depend on whether Kaling chooses to pair it up with tights or go for long sleeves. She tends to add different bags, makeup and shoes to each individual look and pulls it off with so much grace.
If this doesn’t impress you about this brilliant woman, we don’t know what will! To celebrate her unparalleled sense of style, we’ve put together 9 crucial lessons that we’ve gleaned from her best looks and its up for grabs ladies! Dive right in...

1.        Master the art of NOT blending in

Mindy knows how to rock a black dress without blinking an eye, but her aura really glows when she’s sporting vibrant prints and colours that we’ve all come to expect from her. She knows when to rock the monochromatic basics and she knows it even better when to rock a fun floral pantsuit and complementing trench! Stand out and make noise with what you’re wearing.

2.       Try wearing your dress over pants

When it comes to dressing in a unique manner, try to think outside the box. It could mean sporting a T-shirt beneath a dress and even wearing skinny pants under a skirt.

3.       Mix and match prints

Although, Mindy Kaling might not personally mix prints as often as Mindy Lahiri does, in real-life she is an expert at combining apparently opposing patterns and make them look like peas in a pod. Take a leaf from her book and stick to one loud and vibrant pattern and pair it up with something light and frothy.

4.      Try matching sets as well

Clearly we’re very much taken by Mindy’s print-mashing forte but sticking to just one print or pattern is another smart and quirky option which looks fabulous. You get bonus points if your matching set is a crop top paired with a high-waist skirt.

5.       Don’t shy away from using belts

Belts can be the game changer to the way a dress looks. Adding a belt to the mix will give your look an unexpected texture while also highlighting the narrowest aspect of your figure making it more alluring than what it already is. Belts often create an hourglass silhouette which most women die for.

6.      Give menswear a shot

Mindy strutted around in tailored trousers with a blouse and lamé blazer picked up from the men’s section while keeping her feminine figure very much intact. If you wish to be the coolest girl in the party, don a suit and be well on your way to turn some eyeballs.

7.       Hold on to the power of ruching

The word “ruching” invokes long buried memories of prom dresses and you probably might not want to go there, but when a piece of clothing is swathed and nipped in like one of Mindy’s gowns at the waist, it creates a look that is beautifully cinched. Those curves would be in the spotlight and you get to strut your stuff!

8.      Get it together with a blazer

Got to be somewhere where you have to look adorably chic and wonderfully comfortable? Throw a blazer on top of an otherwise ordinary outfit and look flattering. Seriously though, so long you have a sleek and smart looking topper draped over your shoulders, you can get away with wearing leggings or jeans or even a T-shirt on a red carpet!

Thank Mindy later!

9.      Don’t be afraid of form-fitting silhouettes

Yes we know you wouldn’t be the first woman who’d be super conscious to wear body-hugging dresses when you lack supermodel-like measurements to complement the look. But Mindy smashes it right in the faces of all the naysayers and expertly proves that tight-fitting silhouettes can really bring out your breath-hitching curves and make you look like a million bucks.

So, when Kaling herself defies the clichéd fashion rules and looks like a diva every single time, who are we to question otherwise? Follow her lead and look gorgeous! Pop into a women’s fashion boutique today and get the wardrobe essentials to get startedon your own Mindy Project!