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The Ultimate Guide to a Chic Winter Outfit

Every winter you are faced with the same dreadful question – how to look fashionable without looking like a yeti. The cold season will force you to wear bulky clothes and enormous coats that you don’t get to flaunt that gorgeous bod anymore. Don’t fret. You can still look good even with a puffy coat. Look stylish and up to date with these fashionable tips and tricks, even when it’s winter.

·       Layer it Away

Layering has always been one of the best ways to look real chic and stylish and this winter, it’s the most practical way to do it. Don’t be afraid to pile your clothes on. Don a cool coat with sweaters and turtlenecks underneath to keep you warm all day while looking great at the same time. Wear pants instead of tights as wearing the latter will have you shivering in no time. When it’s become real cold outside, you can also layer tights with pants over long shirts and coat. You can play it up with proportions by wearing vests over oversized sweatshirts. You can check this out for more layering ideas.

·       Go Bold With Mixing and Matching

Winter is associated with dark, dreary and boring outfits. Amp it up by choosing bold colors to brighten up the seemingly cold and dark days of winter. Wear bright yellow coats or cool green gloves to go with your ensemble. Wear leather leggings and pair it up with colorful cable knit sweaters for a more playful look both on the color and texture of the outfit.

·       Invest in a Great Pair of Boots

One thing that’s truly great about winter is that you can wear those killer boots you bought last summer. Show off those to-die-for boots with a dress or cuffed jeans. Be inventive. Be creative. Create new outfits every day with your boots as the main attraction and you could never go wrong.

·       Splurge on Hats, Too

Don’t just splurge on clothes that will make you look cool this winter, pun intended. This is a great platform to wear stylish accessories, too like gloves and hats. Yes, hats. A seemingly boring ensemble can be turned into a fashionable one by a pretty and stylish hat. Remember that when you walk out the streets, people will look at your head first and with that that pretty hat on, you’ll be definitely be turning a lot of heads.

Winter doesn’t need to be bleak and dark. It’s dreary as it is so don’t get caught with the season. You can actually still look good even in this cold season so long as you know how to pull together a fashionable outfit. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Be daring and bold even when your clothes are all piled up.