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Science parties for children for an innovative way of learning and fun

Science is undoubtedly the most important aspect of our lives. It has explained many unknown questions, has made life easier with its genius inventions. Everyone must know at least a little bit of it, and what better way it is than to start it with the budding learners. Science parties helps fulfil your goal having a kid’s party- for the kids to have fun also the kids might be able to learn something fun and exciting which doesn’t happen every day.

Different activities in science parties for kids:
  • Greeting the guests by various activities related to science.
  • Perform various cool science experiments like making invisible ink, making slimes etc.
  • Get various demonstrations and know interesting facts about science.
  • Get white lab coats and goggles for an authentic feeling.
  • Win prizes, science posters and badges.
  • Cake cutting and clicking group photos.
How are the reviews of these science parties?

These kinds of science parties are getting a positive response and some really good reviews from the parents. They are very satisfied with the level of service and fun they provided to the young kids. Their absolute patience with the children, attention towards details, making fun and colourful makes it appropriate for the children and the enjoyment of your children is worth every penny.
These kinds of parties are without any doubt a lot more innovative and interesting than princess or superhero themed parties which have become nothing but cliché. Parents prefer these kinds of themes even more because it is knowledgeable and increases the curiosity and skills of a boy or girl towards science.

What are the various experiments and demonstrations that are performed in these science parties?
  • Creating huge bubbles, enormous slimes of bright colours.
  • Make a Hoberman sphere.
  • Various colour changing reactions to show the fun side of chemistry.
  • Demonstrations regarding x-rays; how it works, what it does tec.
  • Rocket launching made up of film canister or may be filled with water that can go really high up the sky.
  • See pictures flying in air!
  • Rotate gyroscopes.
  • Experience various magic done with the help of science.
  • Experience and create various vibrations.
  • Get to know about kinetic energies and tornadoes.
  • Learn about magnets and magnetism.
  • Find out about balancing various objects and the science behind it.
  • Know about various light sources and creation of rainbows in connection to it.
All of these are done in a fun way and interactive manner so none of the children gets bored. Moreover, there are prizes for everyone and children get to keep cool science posters and badges. These kinds of science parties promises full on entertainment from starting to end and they do not charge you based upon the number of kids. Just contact them two to four weeks prior to the day of celebration and they take care of everything starting from sending the invitation cads to sending thank you notes in the end. You do not even have to worry about cleaning up after the party is over.