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What Eyeshadow Would You Buy?

Have you ever wondered which eyeshadow suits you, most of don’t bother and just what’s at hand or store bought, we may match it our dress or mood but does it really do any good. We should careful and checkout the skin tones. Often, the common mistake it the application is done on the back of our hands, but sometimes the skin tone of your hand and face don’t together due to various reasons, hence applying on your eyelid and trying out the effect would be a better option. There are several colours and to choose from, the colours that highlight your eyes and accentuate your features will be the best pick.Try out the new eyeshadow palette of Urban Decay.

It is always not an easy choice and you will definitely feel that when you shop for it. There are lot of interesting brands who come up lot of colour combos and you definitely feel lost like a kid in the candy shop. You should ask yourself do I really need so many colours for eyeshadow or you are gregarious personality and love to don lots of colours and your mood and spirit carry it off for you. When going to office or formal occasions you may need to choose nude colours which are beige, light pink or brown, you could use warmer colours for the night and for party you go for a smokey eye shadow.

 eyeshadow palette of Urban Decay
The eye shadows come in different textures such as matte, metallic and satins. Some are fond of the shimmery eyeshadows which work well if you are in party mode, matte and satins are good for formal occasions. You can create great dramatic looks with deft hands. Eyeshadow application can create wonders to your features and the alluring looks can be achieved with the right amount applied to the eyelid.Have a look at eyeshadow palette of Urban Decay.

Creamy eyeshadows are easy to blend and blending them is easy and you could mix them with various other shades to create a different looks that you desire. Matte eyeshadows don’t come with such options but are great too individually. Sparkly eyeshadow are most preferred by youngsters, it’s most eye catching and brings out the rebel out with outrageous amount of bling, trendy and many takers as well. You could use the black matte shadow as the base for emphasising all that glitter highlight.

There are duo chrome colour palettes with a little bit of shimmer dust, it is a great buy, it is neither extravagant nor too simple but just right who want a little of glamour and a touch of elegance. There are super pigmented tones that go so well with many of the skin tones that you will just fall in love with your palette of eyeshadow. It not your mundane colours but with a dash of shine and shimmer and all the colours you wished for in your palette box.