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Kicks, Tricks, and Board Flips: Your Guide to Skateboard Decks

Skateboard decks are the flat board, or the top of the skateboard, that you stand on while riding. Though it may seem simplistic, the decks come in several different options to fit your needs as a skateboarder.
What Types of Decks Exist?
There are a whole range of deck styles that allow for tricks and movement among skateboarders. One popular style is the shortboard. The shortboard allows for skateboarders to get air and perform their best tricks. These are ideal for street skating or park skating. The longboard, on the other hand, offers contrast to the shortboard. These boards do not typically get used for tricks, but do offer more versatility. These boards are great for anything from downhill races to transportation. The board itself allows for larger wheels to be used, if that is something that interests the skateboarder, and is lower to the ground.
Another type of deck is the cruiser. The name of this deck fits best with its purpose because this deck type is often used for skateboarders looking to just cruise around the town. This is a mid-length style that is best suited for the streets.
Finally, the old school deck style is often designed with a flat nose and kick tails. The old-school deck often gets used for skate pools and ramps, allowing the skateboarder to show off his or her skills. No matter which type you choose, Girl skateboard decks have something for everyone’s style.
What Features Should I Look For?
Before choosing your skateboard, carefully consider the width of the deck. Width always comes down to personal preference, but as a general rule, a deck that is too narrow will give you problems with balance, while a deck that is too wide forces you to exert more power while riding.
Concave decks also make for a stronger skateboard. It allows for more foothold and you can control the ride a bit better. There are a variety of styles for concave, each that offers a different purpose to the skateboarder. A common type of concave is the radial concave shape, which allows for a great grip, so whether you’re skateboarding around the park showing off your trips, or you’re using your skateboard to get you to and from one place to another, a radial concave can be useful. Flat skateboards, or ones with no concave, are rare, though they do allow extra space for your feet, which can be great for intense tricks.
Another aspect of the deck, the kicktail, is not on every board. Kicktails are important for manoeuvring and taking sharp turns. If you plan on doing extensive tricks, or riding your skateboard around town, a kicktail may be helpful.