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Top 7 Uses of a Wet-Cum-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

While the old school people or the older generation is still at ease with their broom followed by wet mopping, it's the newer generation that loves to use technology to get sparkling floors. Why use broom and mop when technology has given you an appliance that is capable of cleaning much more efficiently and in lesser time with less effort?

There are many types of vacuum cleaner available in the market. Let us see the uses that go in favour of buying a wet-cum-dry one.

1.    If you don't want to pick a mop, invest in a dry/wet vacuum cleaner because it is capable of mopping up your floor or carpet efficiently.

2.    If any liquid is spilled, say on the carpet, then it is not possible to dry it completely using a mop, but it is very much possible using this kind of vacuum cleaner. Thus, it is a boon for homes that have toddlers at home who keep on spilling liquids on sofas, floors, carpets etc.

3.    In case you have a grouted floor, then using the mop doesn't produce the best results. This is because it glides over the surface making the dirt settle in the grout lines. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, collects the dirt hiding in each and every crack and corner, thus ensuring that the task is completed with utmost perfection.

4.    The dry/wet vacuum cleaner is designed to complete all chores that dry vacuum cleaner does with some added features. Thus, when you use broom, the dirt can escape and hide in the edges and corners. On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner sucks up even the finest of the dust and as it locks it up, it cannot escape back. Most of the times, you won't even feel the need to run it in the wet mode as there is no caked-on grime formation.

5.    When cleaning either big or small area, the job is completed quickly and efficiently. This is because you don't need to remove the furniture to clean underneath it. The attachments are designed to get under them and clean.

6.   Using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner helps in saving water. This is because dry vacuuming removes the fine soil and thus while wet vacuuming the water doesn't get dirty. Hence, you end up using less water than conventional mopping.

7.    These vacuum cleaners can be used when large areas of floors are stripped of polish and cleaned if they have flexible hose with squeegee head type of attachments. The wastewater gets collected in the connected tank that can be emptied after use.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a good replacement for the conventional mop and bucket. You can utilise it in both dry and wet modes as the need arises. Teamed up with the right kind of attachments, it can be used in a variety of ways to become cost-effective and complete various difficult tasks in the most efficient manner. So, invest in this easy-to-use and versatile cleaning tool and add comfort to your life.