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General Tips to Follow For Travelling in Trains

Travelling by trains in India is a unique experience. You get to meet and see so many different types of people belonging to different strata of life. The entire process is also something that can be experienced only in India.
A normal train journey usually starts with booking the ticket. Some people prefer booking it online, and some people do it through the counter. The PNR status Indian Railway informs you if your seat has been confirmed or not. Once you have your seat confirmed, you have to reach the station on the scheduled date and time in the railway station. Once you have boarded the train, you are all set.

As a train journey can be really long, you could find it boring. There are safety factors that you may have to consider as well. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the factors that you should consider to make your train journey memorable and comfortable.
  • Securing the Luggage: After you have boarded the train, it is very important to make sure that your luggage is safe. You will have to secure it by fastening it tightly under the birth. You can make use of a chain and secure it tightly by locking it up. This way you will be relieved that nothing could happen to your luggage. Even though, it is important that you keep checking your luggage now and then to make sure it is fine and in place.
  • Easing Yourself: After finishing off all the hassles of running here and there on the platform, it is time for you to relax. As it is going to be a journey without any internet, you can carry a book to pass the time. Some people also playgames like cards to pass their time. It is normal to feel tired on the train. You will have plenty of time to sleep. So, start playing your music playlist and fall asleep.
  • Having Your Meal: Many of the trains in India provide meals as well. Once the food arrives, it is natural for people to start eating. As there will be about 6 people in your coupe, it can become congested at that moment. Therefore, you can either start eating before everybody or wait for other to finish.
  • Avoiding Consuming Eatables from Strangers: Sometimestrain journeys can be a concern for your safety. Therefore, it is better to be safe. Avoid taking any form of eatable from strangers on the train. You never know where the other person is from and what intentions he/she might have. Even if they look polite and decent, it is better to avoid consuming anything that they offer. At such scenarios, it is better to be assertive.
Other than these, remember always to carry your wallet everywhere. Stealing is a common complaint that is reported in train journeys. Hence, if you are getting down from the train or going to the washroom, always carry your wallet with you. It is also better to have all types of generic medicines while travelling on trains.

Hope this information helps you with the next train journey you have.