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Dishes That Can Actually Bring Out the Paneer Lover In You

While going to a vegetarian menu the place where all non-veg lovers get stuck is paneer dishes. Paneer is considered as the chicken for the vegetarians because of its almost similar taste and the ways in which it can be prepared which are similar to the chicken dishes.

Some of the chicken dishes and their recipes are incorporated with paneer making it one of the top choices among both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. These are special dishes that are made in light of Chinese and North Indian cuisine.

There are numerous dishes that people love including North Indian royal dishes. They are prepared in such a way because they have been famous for hundreds of years. As main course dishes and starters, they are the perfect choices when it comes to having bread as the main course dish.

Shahi Paneer
When it comes to preparing royal dishes with paneer as the main ingredient Shahi Paneer is one of the top choices. This is because the gravy is prepared with numerous exquisite spices that offer a great amount of flavour in it. The best part about Shahi Paneer is that it can be included in the diet with a bread main course or arise the main course. Kids are going to love that is because of its way of presentation and the awesome taste.

Matar Paneer
Among the most common dishes prepared at home matar paneer is the best choice for lunch or dinner. This is because the ingredients of matar paneer are filled with lots of fibers and roughage. It has a simple recipe to prepare and can be improvised in different ways by adding or changing ingredients. This is why matar paneer can be prepared in different kinds of taste. You can get matar paneer recipe in hindi for preparing it at home.

Paneer Manchurian
For all those who want to taste Chinese cuisine but are vegetarians, should try preparing paneer Manchurian at their home. It is prepared with all the ingredients used for making chicken Manchurian but the major ingredient makes it a vegetarian this week people can enjoy with Noodles or fried rice. Moreover, the tangy taste of Manchurian is going to be loved by kids who prefer sweet and spicy food.

Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Butter Masala is undoubtedly one of the tastiest dishes one can prepare at home. It is considered best because of the mouth-watering flavour it offers along with the taste of spices used in it. The ingredients used in this I feel with numerous nutrients like fat, carbohydrate, and many other minerals. The dense gravy of it is a perfect side dish for any type of bread dishes like butter naan or tandoori roti. Moreover, the craving for chicken is going to go down with this.

Since the vegetarian people miss the taste of chicken and other non-veg dishes, paneer is going to be a perfect solution for them at home. The simple recipe of these dishes and the royal taste of it is a perfect match for lunch or dinner.