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Why You Should Get Tape in Hair Extensions

If you've never had extensions but are thinking about getting them for the first time, or perhaps you just want to change the type of hair extensions you wear, here are some excellent reasons why you should choose tape-in extensions.

Tape-ins are less noticeable than most other types of extensions 

Tape-in extension pieces are much thinner than other wefted hair types; thus they rest flatter on your head. This makes them more comfortable for you as well as better hidden from view. Because they are practically invisible, you can put the wefts in areas that aren't as noticeable like higher up the crown of your head or closer to your face. They are also more comfortable to sleep in and are less noticeable to the touch.

Tape-ins can save you money

Every piece of weft that is applied can be placed together with another piece. This is called a 'hair sandwich" where the two extension pieces are placed together with a piece of your real hair in between the two weft pieces. You can also use just one piece of extension hair and attach it to your natural hair with a one-sided tape-leaving you with double the amount of hair.

Applying your hair extensions like this will let you cover more area, and using only one piece per section leads to better coverage. When it comes to hair extensions, you get what you pay for so for example, when you purchase a high-quality product like EH Hair tape in hair extensions you will save even more money because you are paying for a premium product that is easy to apply, lasts longer and causes zero damage to your natural hair.

Make sure to conduct a comprehensive research prior to choosing extensions. Well, you can get quality products in both brick-and-mortar stores and online outlets. The latter is capable of providing a wide-range of collection at more affordable rates than the former.

You can experiment with multiple colours 

With tape in extensions, you have the option to put different colours beside one another; you can put these different colours on the bottom or on top of different sections to change them. With this method, you can create beautiful and varied colour patterns on the spot. Create a highlighted look, add darker colours for warmth or drama, and place several colours throughout to make the look pop.

Tape-in extensions can usually be reapplied up to three times before replacing them. 

By gently removing the old adhesive you can re-use the pieces without having to add any unnecessary bulk to the attachment location.

Consider tape-in hair extensions the next time you want to change your hairstyle; you'll be glad you did!