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Why Polo Shirts Are Great For A Smart Casual Look

Men’s polo shirts are no longer just for the golf course or the tennis court. They are now seen as an important piece of the wardrobe where people can wear the polo shirt very casually or as a smart-casual form. Some people still are unsure of how to pull off the polo shirt look quite well with the rest of the wardrobe. But the polo has been favored by a whole lot of male fashionist as a versatile piece in a men’s wardrobe, making it truly a smart casual piece to wear.

Polo shirts are simple and you really cannot have too much of them. They don’t need to be complicated because classic white with the famous mini logo over the breast side is versatile. Have multiple pieces of them in different colors and lengths. Men can just stat to a lighter color with jeans or shorts and boat shoes rather than sneakers.

When going outside and it is sunny, put on the sunglasses because the look is sharpened with the polo shirt. People don’t have to be young and good looking to pull this off. It fits well during those warm days, especially when you’re sitting out by the dockside or on a boat, rocking a summer New England attire of sorts. It is a very appealing look as a starter there.

If the dress code for an even says smart casual, men’s polo shirts with chinos are perfect combo. Again, when it is a very warm day, the polo shirt keeps a very smart look without the risk of sweating. Going low sleeves or wearing all whites under the sun is not necessary smart. It should be fairly light colors, but also not too dark. If it’s cloudy, you can go with the grey or darker blue and red. It’s classical and keeps a sharp look, especially when you add loafers to the mix.

At night, a long sleeved polo also keeps things classy with the additional texture it brings. Wear those with chinos or, with long pants, go with the black jeans and even a cardigan. Add a touch of pink and roll up the sleeves if it gets a bit stuffy under and boat shoes are also perfect to top off. Two more important things to do in all of this: button up at least one of them and don’t put the collar up.

Tennis player René Lactose wore his polo shirt at the US Open with class and style en route to winning the tournament. If it’s paired right, the polo’s smart casual style on you will expand outwards and make you very nautical in the occasion. Just don’t tuck it in while buttoning up and keeping a slim fit approach instead of baggy. The polo shirt is a global fashionable piece recognized by many as an intelligent look and oozes symptoms of smart senses wherever they go.