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Unique Layered Bob Hairstyles; Which Is the Best for You?

For those who are professional hairdressers and fashion enthusiasts, you already know that layered bob have remained unchallenged in their stylish and sultry appearance. Layered bob styles have bounced back in the field but differently this time with a bang. We have thoroughly researched and compiled these 12 trending layered bob hairstyles for you.
12 Trendiest Layered Bob Hairstyles You Should Try Before He End of This Year.
1.      Fixed Layered Blonde
This is for the brave ones. Its boldness will make you look different and unique from anybody around you. Just opt for this fixed layered blonde hairdo and add a little cheerful highlight. It covers only a side of your forehead and cascades down the neck.
2.      Lowlights, Red Fixed Bob
Undeniably, red is an exclusive colour. The well-cut layers are very inimitable and rest squarely on the head. It is a simple hairstyle you can fit yourself.
3.      Short Baggy Golden Highlights
The most straightforward yet unique hairstyle you will always like. With bold highlights and uniquely cut hair, volume and well fit layers are accomplished.
4.      Short Fitted Crimped Haircut
What is most amazing about this hair is the volume and the height of the hair. It is complemented with solid waves that look almost disordered.
5.      Messy Highlighted Layers Cut
It exemplifies a fab coloured hair with partial layers. The style is not complicated and looks great for summer season.
6.      Platinum Straight Bob
Go platinum with this hairstyle. It is amongst the boldest hairstyle you cannot miss in your selection. You can always alter how you style it to meet your look and perfect finish.
7.      Dark Dished Bob
You don't have to hack your hair when it gets longer. Just try this dark concave bob, and it will eliminate that length.
8.      Capacious Natural Balayage
Wow! What an excellent natural hairstyle. As the hair cascades down the shoulder, the layers keep on adding. Perfect for any event.
9.      Layered-Golden Blond Cut
This hairstyle is not bound by time and suits flawlessly to any age. The volume and highlights make it appropriate for any season. Amazingly, you can use your fingers to align it.
10.  Blunt Ends Inverted Layered Haircut
At the trimmings, the hairstyle is blunt and compacted. You can augment it with bold colors such as dark or golden highlights.
11.  Undercut Messy Haircut
In this haircut, the back view is never taken for granted. The details at the back are very exceptional and bold.
12.  Shadow-Root, Blonde Hair Cut
Although this style looks familiar, few people successfully pull it correctly. The wobbly curls add to the allure and mostly because the layers originate from the upper side and fold at the bottom.