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The Truth About virgin hair by salon owner

Nowadays, the market is flooded with several different hair extensions because of heavy demand. Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Chinese, Malaysian hair extension in demand, these hair extensions is basically known as “virgin hair”.

As a salon owner I would like to share a little fact about Virgin hair with you. A lot of my clients enquire me everyday regarding, even, few of them come to me with these so called Brazilian Virgin Hair or Malaysian Virgin Hair, with the proud.

But, do you know that only the expert hair stylist can identify whether it is fake (synthetic in some case) or the real virgin hair.

What is the virgin hair actually?

As the virgin also refer to “not yet used, or not processed”, the virgin hair is unprocessed hair or in other words hair in its natural state or exactly what your hair was when you were born. Let’s make it simpler, It is hair that’s 100% unprocessed, not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, chemically processed in any way listed below
  • Low-Dried
  • Pressed
  • Tinted
  • Curled by Heat
  • Chemically Processed
  • Exposed to Cigarette Smoke or Drugs
  • Exposed to Any Other Harsh Agents
Chemically and other processed free hair is virgin actually.

From where Virgin hair comes?

Here, are no country boundaries or such other limitations, these hairs can come from any person and any country, but some of the most popular ones include, Brazilian Virgin Hair, Indian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair, Russian virgin hair, and other European and Asian countries.

What the uses?

These natural state hairs most often used to construct the highest quality lace front wigs, Closure Pieces, and hair extensions. Virgin hair adorns some of the biggest stars today, such as Beyonce.

In daily life you can use hair extensions for several uses such as….

For added Volume to Hairstyle

If your hairstyle needs volumes of hair, then clip-in extensions are just perfect for it! These hair extensions can add dimensions to almost every hairstyle, like messy buns and ponytails. If you have healthy hair with decent volume, then using just 1 or 2 clip-in extensions would be enough to add the desired volume to your hairstyle.

Colors Hair without Damaging

Love experimenting with various hair colors, but worried about the damage that coloring can cause to your natural hair? If yes, then go for the option of colored hair extensions.

Hair Extensions as an Accessory

If you are not able to figure out a perfect accessory for your hair, then hair extensions would be the best solution!

The Brazilian Virgin Hair (extensions) is the best in quality and can be used in various forms. One way is to use them as your hair accessory.

You just have to clip in different wefts to prepare a braided headband that is perfect for any special occasion or any festivity. There are various tutorials available online that you can check to know the various ways of using hair extensions as accessories in your beautiful hair.

To Get that Additional Length

Every woman likes styling hair, but when the hair length is short, then this can cause limitation to the styling options.