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The Most Popular Eliquid Flavours

If you’re a vapour, chances are you will have a go to eliquid or juice that keeps you coming back, time and time again. If you’re new to vaping, chances are you’re going to have to play around and experiment a little until you can find what is right for you.
To save you a little bit of money, we’ve going to provide an overview of some of the most popular flavour groups which most people agree you just can’t go wrong with. There is sure to be something for everyone so keep reading and prepare to be educated.

Flavour Groups

Every eliquid available on the market can be split into at least one flavour group. This is handy for all those vapers who like a specific taste when they reach for their e-cigarette. Furthermore, flavours can differ drastically across brands so it’s always good to try a few to settle on your favourite. The best eliquid flavours are the ones you just can’t put down. Some of these flavour groups include:
  • Tobacco – Believe it or not, some people actually enjoy the taste of tobacco and choose to vape it.
  • Dessert - An age-old favourite, everyone likes a dessert based e-liquid.
  • Fruit – As the name suggests, sweet and fruity.
  • Mint – Who doesn’t love a good mint. This is where you’ll find some of the best flavours.
Tobacco Eliquids

As we mentioned, you diehard tobacco lovers out there are in luck. There is some particularly potent tobacco based flavours on the market so go to town and find the one you love.

Do bear in mind that some of them can be very strong so we suggest you dial down the nicotine content to spare your lungs and throat. If you usually vape at 12mg, try a 6mg ejuice and see if that works for you.

You’ll get less nicotine but your throat will thank you for it.