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Flowers for marriage anniversaries and their meanings

Marriage anniversaries are important celebrations, not only for married couples, but also for the important friends and family members in one’s life. When a couple celebrates their marriage anniversary, it is more than just a celebration of the day they got married. It encompasses even those days of ups and downs, of trials and tribulations and of happy moments as well as the sad ones that they face together.

Marriage is one of the oldest institutions, and it is most justified to celebrate it with nature’s best – flowers! However, just like marriage anniversary gifts have a meaning and significance attached to them, even anniversary flowers gifted to the couple n this special day have a symbolic meaning. Here are some of the popularly gifted flowers on anniversaries and what they mean.

First Anniversary flowers

The first year of marriage is filled with ‘firsts’ for the couple. New meanings attached to everything that they do and share together. With love and passion ruling the lives of newlyweds, the red carnation makes a perfect gift. 

Second to Fourth year anniversaries

The second to fourth year anniversaries are sprinkled with more in-depth learning of each other. With new discoveries made, couples begin to understand each other more. Flowers like lily of the valley and sunflowers express feelings of understanding and purity of heart.

Fifth year anniversary

Celebrating five years of togetherness is indeed a milestone. Married couples form firm friendships along with their feelings of love and passion. The daisy, signifying loyalty in a relationship is a perfect choice for gifting couples on their fifth anniversary.

Tenth anniversary

The tenth anniversary is a very special one for couples. A decade of togetherness, the joy of children and a commitment of life long companionship should be celebrated with exquisite tulips or daffodils that stand for a declaration of a long-standing love and solidarity.

Twelfth anniversary

Send across a bouquet of 12 red roses signifying undying love and passion for each of the year spent together.

Fifteen years anniversary

Celebrate fifteen years of marriage with really special flowers. At fifteen years, couples look back at their triumphs and look forward to more love. Exotic flowers such as orchids, birds of paradise, lilacs, and chrysanthemums signify wisdom, trust and comfort of togetherness.

Twentieth anniversary

At twenty years, couples need to bask in the knowledge that their love is still young. Colourful asters signify youthfulness and the urge to be young.

Twenty-fifth anniversary

The silver jubilee year is a very important milestone. This is the year when couples are reminded of their feelings of first love and commemorate the beginning of long lasting togetherness with white gladiolus and blue irises.

Fiftieth anniversary

The fiftieth anniversary is the golden year. Couples are often showered with gifts of gold and gold colours as a reminder of the golden moments gone by and those yet to come. Yellow flowers especially roses signify purity and friendship in the golden years.

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