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Why exposure to pesticides poses an unnecessary risk during the course of pregnancy?

Pregnancy in combination with pesticides goes on to pose several questions. This is valid for a valid reason and it is a major concern for adults, kids along with expectant mothers. For insects, cockroaches, fleas are the major reasons on why women go on to spray pesticides in their home.  

Pesticides are incorporated with chemicals that go on to attack the nervous system of insects whereby they die. During the starting stages of pregnancy, the nervous system is in a developing phase and it is suggested that you do avoid pesticides during pregnancy at this point of time.

There are numerous studies which pose the fact that the greatest risk on exposure to pesticides is between the first 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy. This is that time where the neural tube development is taking place. If you find that you reside in an agricultural area where the exposure to pesticides is on a large scale, it is suggested that you move away from the above areas till the time pregnancy is over.

So the golden rule that needs to be followed is that pregnant women need to avoid pesticides at all costs during the course of pregnancy. As per medical experts, nearly 3 out of 4 women are exposed to pesticides around the area of their home during pregnancy. It also went on to state that children you are exposed to indoor pests have a higher chance of contracting leukaemia. Once again this risk is all the more in the first few weeks of pregnancy and when professional pest control services are in operation.

The toxins that are present in pesticides are compounds that tend to occur naturally in plants as well. You would need to take into consideration that the term organic or natural does not indicate safe on all counts. Any chemicals when it is natural have the ability to cause harm when you do not handle it in a proper manner.

Do make it a point that you read the label instructions before you open the pesticides bottle. Let us now analyse some of the tips to protect against pesticides
  • There is no need to panic if you realize that you have been exposed to pesticides.  Any risk arises basically stems from internal or long term exposure. Say for example, if you have gone on to treat your dog for fleas and exposed yourself to pesticide, then the risk to the baby is very small
  • The golden rule to follow is to restrict the exposure to pesticides on your pets, in your home or be it in your garden during the course of pregnancy. Make it a point that you do avoid it during the starting stages of pregnancy when the neural tube of the baby is developing.
Another precaution that you need to take is that if pesticides need to be applied, and then let someone do it for you. Remove all the food along with utensils before you spray the pesticides.