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Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

Hey gorgeous girls and lovely ladies. We all spend a lot of our time and effort to make ourselves look beautiful to get picture perfect look. However, we all are disappointed after few hours when the whole party is enjoying at its passionate peak and our make up begins to diminish, giving us a twitchy witchy look. We all get ready in the morning, giving ourselves a fresh look. By the afternoon, we all look tired even if we are not. That unnecessarily attracts undesired questions like “are you okay, what happened to you” or “ are you sick” or “ why were you crying” or “did your man gave you trouble”. You can avoid all that by using urban decay makeup setting spray.
Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

What is a makeup setting spray?

Ever heard of hair setting spray. Hair setting spray is something that we apply after doing a hairstyle. It keeps the hairstyle the same way it was made till the end of the party. Similarly, make up setting spray is something that keeps the make-up still the end of the day or till the end of the party. You might be thinking we already used a primer, why to invest in a make-up setting spray, is investment in the spray worth it. Then you would be enlightened to know that primer sets the base for make up to apply and look smooth. Setting spray is more like a sealing cover to all the layers (we are talking about layers of blush on, foundation, contour, highlighter etc)  you have applied. Since not all these are in the direct contact of skin, setter helps them to stay at its place and makes them last for longer durations.

There is one more thing called finisher spray. Now what is finisher? Finisher is used to make the skin moist. It is mostly used for dry skins. It does not help make up to stay longer. It only avoids the caky look that appears after sometime. It also makes the face look refreshing. Basically it reduces the number of touch ups required.

How to use a makeup setting spray

  • First, completely finish the makeup. Need not apply it at every step. It can cause patchy look.
  • Hold the spray at an arm’s length
  • Spray in such a way that product falls onto the face in the natural way. Take care of your eyes while spraying.
  • Just leave for few seconds or as directed to set it in. Do not rub.
  • Number of times that spray has to be applied differs from product to product. Usually applying one to two times is enough. Use as directed on the label. Using more number of times can make the face wet and further creating a bigger mess.
There are varieties of setter sprays available as per your skin type. It can be spray for:
  • all skin types
  • dry skins
  • acne prone skins
  • oily skins
urban decay makeup setting spray can be your solution to get picture perfect beauty for long hours. It can last up to 12 hours. It has temperature control technology that keeps you cool in humid days.

Go out look beautiful and be the centre of attraction of the party and your office.