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Sleek and Fashionable Smartwatches for Men and Women

A watch is more than just a device that shows time. For most of the people, it is a style statement, while for others it is both fashion and accessibility. The right watch can enhance your personality and therefore you must do a little homework before buying your smart watch. 

Why digital fashion?

Digital manufacturers are ensuring that their watches speak style and technology aloud. Most of the good smart watches are sleek in design with robust performance. Their specifications and efficiency are commendable and great for anytime personal use. 

The digital fashion runaway is coming up with customized look so that these smart watches are powerful statement maker. Not only smart watches are functional, but also are in vogue. The future of style lies in great functionality and connecting all at one place. From fitness to communication along with info-entertainment, smart watches can bring the world to your fingertips.  

How effective is the watch depends on how you are using it and what specifications you are looking in it? These watches can be worn by both men and women. Moreover, if you have created a fashion statement according to your outfit, you just need to change the bands and you are good to go for a party or a cocktail dinner. Let us have a look at some of the best models of smart watches that you can buy: 

Iwatch or the famous Apple’s smart watch

Needless to say, that apple creates one of the best IT products in the world. People love Apple products because of their great design, color and user interface. Apple’s version of smart watch is probably the smartest because it tracks your health accurately, allows notifications just like your iphone, and you can even do a quick search from the watch. It runs on ios software and you need to have an iphone to sync all the data and information. 

The software is upgradable as it comes with updated microchips. It gives the user voice control and a task can be easily done in a minute. It has curved screen which makes the visibility better in sunlight. Moreover, apple also gives variety of options on wrist band designs and colors. You can go for vibrant or nude colors depending upon your choice. Before buying you can visit any watch store and have a look and decide on the type of watch you want to go for. 

Samsung Galaxy Gear

With Apple stepping up their technology and fashion how can Samsung be left behind! With a hefty price and power packed features Samsung attracts both android and ios users. The view is bigger and comes with a high resolution of 320 x 320 pixels per inches, with an inbuilt 4 GB memory. 

It gives Samsung’s signature OLED display where there is no color bleed. This means you can enjoy pictures and videos just like in your phone. It has inbuilt microphone and speakers, which give users ease of access. You can talk directly through your watch. 


With globalization and technical revolution fashion of watches has shifted from designer watch to smart watch. These watches if used properly can make your life easy.