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Haasil Full Episode Review and Wiki Story

Sony TV’s new show Haasil story revolves around 3 people, Anchal, Ranvir and Kabir. Anchal could be a attorney by profession. She has her own scores to settle with the super made Raichand brothers, Ranvir and Kabir. The hate story then gets shaped into Associate in Nursing love triangle. Haasil brings politics of affection, whereas each the brothers fall for a similar woman. The show could be a finite series. It marks the TV debut of actor Zayed Khan. Nikita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth play the opposite 2 leads. Anchal vows to ruin Ranvir’s business empire. The romantic adventure story has millions of craze, passion, suspense, drama, action and romance.

Haasil Sony Tv serial Full Wiki Story:

The initial scene shows a woman Meenu obtaining raped and killed. Anchal is asked to decide on the winning dish between the 2 dishes grilled by her mother and brother. She gets stuck. She doesn’t let anyone lose. She declares each of them as winners. They get to visualize news regarding Ranvir. Anchal reaches Ranvir’s birthday celebrations. She accuses him of rape and seeks justice for Meenu, World Health Organization was Ranvir’s secretary.

Ranvir’s mother Sarika and brother Kabir take a indicate him. Anchal doesn’t get afraid of any threatening. The folks adore Ranvir. Ranvir claims to be innocent. Anchal doesn’t get influenced by his words. Kabir gets disquieted once Ranvir undergoes medical tests for the case. Anchal prepares Ranvir’s file. She receives money at her NGO. Kabir tries to bribe her. He wonders World Health Organization is attempting to border Ranvir within the false allegations. He asks Anchal to withdraw the case. He doesn’t trust her intentions. He feels she will do something to induce free substance. 

Anchal refuses to Kabir.

Kabir puts Ranvir in new hassle by his stupidity. Anchal learns Ranvir’s medical reports ar clear. She gets a decision by some mysterious caller, World Health Organization asks her to satisfy somewhere if she needs proof. Anchal is then fixed by Kabir. He isolates her. He dumps her phone within the ocean. He needs to bring the reality out before she reaches city. Kabir frames Anchal within the bribe case. He humiliates her family within the news conference. Kabir gets Anchal inactive.

Ranvir gets Anchal bailed out. Ranvir doesn’t let his business get affected. He plans to double his profits.

Anchal involves meet Ranvir. Ranvir asks her to think about the underlying truth by ever-changing perception. Anchal tries to induce to the roots of the case once more. She needs to seek out the important proof. Anchal tries to seek out truth by victimization the CCTV footage. Ranvir stays calm. he's positive that Anchal can before long see the reality of his innocence. Ranvir appearance guilty when the footage gets discovered. Anchal tells the media that Ranvir has planned the crime terribly smartly. Anchal begins the case proceedings, whereas Kabir and Sarika disapprove of her logic. Kabir defends his brother in court, proving Anchal wrong.

Haasil Overall Review:

Haasil is elegant and visually appealing. it's grand with the stellar forged. Real drama can begin once a romantic triangle forms. The show appearance a lot of promising.