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7 Christmas Desserts Across The World That You Cannot Miss To Savor In This Lifetime

Christmas means celebrating all the positive things in your life and it only gets better with desserts. Since time immemorial people have been celebrating this festivity of love with some mouth-watering delicacies that have always doubled the joy and enhanced the happiness of Christmas. In fact, there are some of the famous and evergreen Christmas desserts from around the world that can never go out of taste.

Check out the following Christmas delicacies from around the globe that you should taste once in your lifetime:

The French Bûche de Noel
This traditional Christmas treat also known as the yule log was originated in France and dates back to the 19th century. Bûche de Noel is prepared by a thin sponge cake rolled into a cylinder with buttercream in the middle. These log-shaped cakes are then coated in a melt-in-mouth chocolate ganache and decorated with bark-like designs. That’s why this Christmas treat appears a delicious tree.

The Indian Allahabadi Cake
It is an Indian Christmas cake having its roots in the north-Indian city of Allahabad. Baked and consumed throughout India during the merrymaking season of Christmas, this is basically a rum cake prepared with the Indian white flour, clarified butter, ginger, cinnamon, mace, nuts, fennel seeds, and petha (An Indian translucent soft candy).

The New Zealander Pavlova
This delicious Christmas dessert was originated in New Zealand but has derived its name from a famous Rissian Ballerina Anna Pavlova after she visited New Zealand on the world tour in the 19920s. It is a meringue-based dessert that has a crispy crust adorned with whipped cream and luscious fruits on the top.

The Australian White Christmas
White Christmas is a delectable cake of Australia that requires no baking. Yes, this mouthwatering and snowy Christmas dessert is prepared with raisins, candied cherries, shredded coconut, icing sugar, milk powder, and Rice Krispies. All these ingredients are held together with the hydrogenated oil. Then, bars are formed and set to cool without any process of baking. This snowy white Christmas cake absolutely looks heavenly.

The Norwegian-Krumkakes
A Norwegian Christmas is just incomplete without krumkakes. These are actually waffle cookies made of flour, butter, egg, sugar, and cream. Krumkakes are baked on a krumkake iron and then rolled into cones. Once the krumkakes are rolled into cylinders, they are filled with cream or fruits. These cones can be also eaten without any stuffing.

The Swedish Pepparkakor
Pepparkakor or gingersnaps are baked across the length and breadth of Sweden during the festive season of Christmas. These are spicy cookies which are baked in different shapes like stars, flowers, hearts etc. These spicy cookies are flavored with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and cardamom. It is said these cookies are highly addictive.

The Columbian Arroz Con Coco
Arroz Con Coco or Columbian coconut rice is a popular delicacy in Columbia which is served during the Christmas holiday. The Columbian coconut rice is basically a sweet dish which involves the cooking of coconut milk first till it gets evaporated and the coconut solid gets brown. Then, cook rice in that mixture and add raisins, salt, water, and sugar for flavors.

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