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Enjoy the Convenience and Lower Costs of Online Grocery Shopping

While it may seem surprising to some who haven’t joined in, there’s really only one word to describe the amazing growth in the online grocery world: convenience. You could, of course, toss in the money-saving factor to give the argument for shopping online even more weight. It’s also fascinating to read about the companies now offering this service and making a comfortable profit along the way.

Economic Growth
Those who look for information about the economic picture in Southeast Asia and the region will find stories of healthy growth in almost every economic sector. Online supermarkets have not been left out of this activity. You can now find an array of grocery items, including fresh produce, so you won’t have to be concerned about your specific needs being met.
You will find almost every item sold under the “grocery” banner when you visit the website of Singapore’s most famous online grocery market. The shopping experience can correctly be called effortless because the shopping asks no more of the visitor than to select items, put them in the basket, and check out without walking to or through the store! The software is available for mobile devices so you can access all the items and remain up to date on promotional items and discount items.
The organisation behind this venture began with a social mission of bringing more moderate prices to this nation with a focus on making a purchase even more attractive with exciting promotions. Many of these lower prices are exclusive to the online shopper. Customers also have access to click-and-collect, which allows them to shop online and pick up their purchases at a nearby location.
The original motivation for this now-popular idea came with the labour movement activity in the early 1970s. A single supermarket has now become the largest retailer in Singapore with millions of shoppers each week and more than 140 outlets. Those who become a part of this movement also have access to convenience store services and much more, bringing the store total to more than 200.
The Larger Picture
The remarkable growth of online grocery shopping in Singapore accompanies a global pattern that will see the number of people shopping online for grocery items grow by a factor of five in the next 10 years. In some countries, total online sales of food and related items could reach the $100 billion level in less than 10 years!
In some locations around the world, one household in every three currently buys some food items and groceries online. That number is expected to rise to the 70% level in about 10 years as more people discover the convenience and cost savings associated with buying from home. The organisation in Singapore returns millions of dollars to charitable activities every year, making the online shopping idea even more attractive.