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Buy online your music listening with Boult Xplode wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Listening to music with headphones, specially the wireless one provides the music listeners a unique experience. People feel that wearing a headphone in public place provides them a fantasy look. To add more light to this fantasy, many types of wireless headphone with exciting features are out in both online and mall shopping. Recently released Boult xplode wireless Bluetooth headphones are a boon to the music lovers. One among the best wireless headphones for mobile, the Boult Rose gold-toned audio Xplode wireless Bluetooth earphones  are ruling the industry with most terrific features in less price range.

Stylish appearance:

Rose gold toned color of this earphones, gives it a stylish and elegant look. If this is there with you, then you will be the eye catchers of the show. The stylish ear fins attached to the ear bud provides a terrific appearance when it is placed in your ears. The silicone ear bud helps you to enjoy the music without causing any damages to your ear bud.

Highly portable:

This earphone can be used as head around and the traditional one as well. As the size and shape of these earphones is very thin, these are highly portable. No one can find that you are using a wireless headphone.
It can be carried to any places where ever you go.


Enabled with blue tooth features this particular earphone can be easily connected to any gadgets. If you have your favorite song list in your PC or Laptop Or mobile phones, with the Bluetooth this earphone can be easily connected with them.

User friendly:

Boult earphones are very user friendly. This gets modified according to your needs. If you want to involve music in all your chores then this wireless headphones for mobile is best. Just wear it around your neck, connect with the system, and start enjoying the music along with your routine work along.

Efficient usage capacity:

This wireless headphone has a capacity to work continuously for 6 to 8 hours once they are charged. Along with this its stand by time of 125 hours makes it even more convenient for using for long drive or for a cultural functions hosting.

Other miscellaneous features:

The headphones can be best only when they are correctly fit into our ears. The Boult Xplode headphones a micro woofer which gives them best support and in turn makes listening good.  This particular earphone can be used for uninterrupted voice call and video chatting as it has in built Mic and magnetic drivers which helps in high quality of calling and talking experiences.

Package and price range:

This earphone comes with 2 pairs of extra size ear buds, USB cable and a free case with affordable price by you.

Final Word and Pricing

Boult Rose Gold-Toned Audio Xplode Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Priced at – Rs 1949

Buy From – Myntra (Exclusive)

If you want a fabulous sounding bluetooth earphones for music listening  and calling under Rs. 2000 then just go for them.