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Women’s day out- buckles up the BOOT!

A scene in 1980’s: Two best friends who are extremely bored plan a trip. They listed up everything needed for their journey, made a short purchase and even decided recipes for their journey. The destination was lying 20 miles ahead of them and they chose to walk. One of the girl’s sandals broke on the way and they covered the remaining journey sharing one pair with each other. They would have called up someone or have turned back to take a new one. Since communication was developing and the restriction was fully developed at that time the girls went on a short trip and returned.
A scene in 2017: Two best friends ping each other. They changed to travel attire and put on a boot, jacket and started off on their bike. Their destination lay 250 miles ahead.  That’s all? How about taking a spare slipper? What about food? There is no to-do list? Well, things have changed a lot these days. Today, communication is well developed and restrictions are decreasing to an extent.

The change-over:

So, here we see two different scenarios. One in 1990’s, and another in 2017. Women are almost into every profession now except very few like Navy, commando, piloting and motorcycling. Oops! Am I wrong somewhere? Yes, I definitely am. Every single field has woman employees and they are ruling it like a boss. Latest news says 4 girls drove more than 10,000 km’s on road. Hats off! So now women have become good drivers, swimmers, climbers, bikers, racers etc. this change-over is welcomed by men too.

Women as motorcyclists:

There was a time when the female child shall be escorted by dad and only dad! And father or brothers were only humans who owned shoes or in fact boots. But now, every girl child desire to ride a bike, go on long trips, wear buckle-up boots, own a jacket and handle a 350cc bike. How marvelous is that? Though everything changed eventually, boots remained to be boy’s things for quite some time. But nowadays be like ’Dude, we have our own brand of boots’. Dr.martens women’s Kristy motorcycle boot is here as a blessing and women are ought to take up everything that was once only manly things.

Stylish riders:

Now as I concentrate on boots topic, I know every girl wants her boots to be awfully stylish and equally bossy. Women’s skin or body tends to be bit tender and soft than men. While handling a heavy duty bike woman need support for grip and gear handling. These dr martens motorcycle boots fulfill all the necessities that every girl must be thankful for. The good news is these boots can also be featured in stylish color schemes. Shout out to all women!

On a concluding note, whether women have grown healthy in all fields or not, safety is our first priority. Motorcycling may be a profession but safety can’t be taken for granted. Be it boots or helmets or bike or jackets make sure you choose a high-quality and drive safe. Keep rocking woman!