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Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar announce a weigh-off

With both TV stars not afraid to speak their mind, Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar have found a way of turning their bickering into an opportunity to raise money for charity.

Weight loss battle

During Lord Sugar’s appearance on Good Morning Britain, the pair were challenged to see who could lose the most weight. With Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid overseeing the weigh in, there was unsurprisingly a few choice words between the two. When Lord Sugar hit 14st 3lbs on the scales, Morgan quipped about how could he be 14 stone when he is only 4 feet tall, adding that he was almost “obese”. Sugar quickly ushered Morgan to the scales whilst calling him blubber boy before Morgan’s weight of 16st 6lbs was revealed.

With his sharp tongue not ending there, Sugar told Morgan that he looked like a beached whale, even after he admitted that he had himself put on around 18lbs over the summer.

All for charity

The Apprentice star and former newspaper editor agreed to a December deadline and a losers fee of £5,000, which would be donated to Great Ormond Street by whoever failed to shed the most pounds.

One of the hosts of Loose Women, Janet Street-Porter, also encouraged Lord Sugar to support the Body Stories campaign by asking him to strip his pants off. Unfortunately for her, he seemed reluctant, replying that he had more chance of being struck by lightning.

Low-calorie advice

With healthy eating and an active lifestyle being a huge part of weight loss, Morgan and Sugar might look to take some advice from Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge who lost 12 stone following a strict diet. His new series, which follows dieters on a 12-week programme, is scheduled for broadcast in early 2018, which might be too late for the warring pair but looks set to be popular for those trying to
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With Morgan and Sugar both highly competitive, this is one instance where it is good to see them put their money where their mouth is.