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3 Top Stocking Fillers for her

It’s incredibly hard looking for gifts that can be perfect for your best friend, especially if they are the type of person that loves everything! But one thing is for sure, you’ll never go wrong with these 3 top stocking fillers for her. These are cute and small which are perfect especially if you are on a tight budget.

Stocking fillers are the best kind of gifts because you have a lot to choose from. Stationaries are next; you just have to look for something that suits your best friend’s personality. These are the type of gifts that your friend will really need in the future, if not now. So how about choosing from the 3 gifts that will be presented below and making your gal happy?

City Notes: Perfect for a City Girl

Animate their office desk or room by giving them these cute and quirky city-shaped sticky notes. It is better than having those boring square-shaped sticky notes and though it’s true that they are colorful, but come on, at least choose something that is distinctive and cool. The best thing is that you can choose from 3 iconic cities: London, Paris or New York. It has 75 pages per load and that’s a lot for only £3.95 and with dimensions of 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.8 cm, it’s fun sized and she can bring it anywhere. You must get one for yourself, too!

Matchstick Pencils to match your Girl Friends Personality!

These appealing pencils are perfect for anybody! It is a set of 10 and made out of graphite, wood and rubber. For only £5.95, you already gained more than what you bargained for. It is the best gift for anyone who loves adorable things and it can definitely jazz up a boring desk. If your best friend is the girly sort, then you should give these to her. These pencils are unique in their own way and are truly one of the best presents ever! You might want to check it our first and see for yourself how it can change a boring room to a lively one. Visit here

Bianca, The Hippo Memo Holder: Everybody’s one true friend.

Meet Bianca, she is a hippo who wants to help your friend remember things by holding on to the paper, which they have written, in her mouth. As you may very well know, hippos are not friendly. But not Bianca, she will be your best friend’s companion, especially because you are not always by her side to remind her of important things that she needs to do. Bianca only costs £10.95 with dimensions of 22.5 x 14 x 8 cm. She is made out of plastic but that doesn’t affect her personality; plus the paper is already included. What a grab!

Looking for presents has never been easier! You can choose all three that are mentioned above to make sure that they are all useful. Your friend will definitely not put them aside because they are lovely! These are all worth it and fun and will be a great addition to your friend’s bedroom or work desk.