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What To Keep In Mind While Sending A Fruit Basket Gift?

Gifts are very important for making people feel special, loved and remembered. You can send them at any time irrespective of an occasion also. Cards, chocolates, bouquets are the most common things sent as gifts. Have you ever thought of sending a fruits basket online? The concept of gifting fruits is not exactly uncommon, but then, sending it online over a long distance might be something different. A fruit basket contains a number of fresh fruits that reach the customer within the same day or maximum the next day. Packed in lovely baskets these look and taste as yummy as ever.

Pick a fruit

A fruit basket is not just a fruit basket packed in cellophane. It is more of a sign of a gifting sentiment and show of care for the recipient. A basket of exotic out of season fruits is a sign of wonder and will amaze the recipient. The baskets can be chosen as they are available on the online sites or customized according to preference. You can opt for seasonal fruits like mangoes or grapefruits or premium ones like clementines, honeybells, pretzels, and even gourmet chocolates. Adding nuts and chocolates to the basket can break the monotony of fruits and introduce a variety that gets great appreciation.

Count the number of recepients

The size of the basket can also be customized so if you are sending the gift to a couple you can add generous amount of fruits and chocolates. But a huge quantity for a single person might be a bit too much and the fruits might get spoilt. If the family has small children then the basket should contain a selection of fruits that they find interesting too like tangerines or clementines. Pair them with cheese, crackers, nuts and chocolate to make it even more interesting.  

Keep in mind their preference

Be sure to ask the recipient if he or she is allergic to any particular fruit before ordering. It is pointless to give them something they cannot eat and the entire thing would go to waste. While selecting the fruit remember to pick ones that will survive the journey and are hard-skinned. Pineapples and apples are among the hardest ones that can be placed in the basket. Soft fruits like berries can also be used but ensure that they are packed properly so that they do not get squashed. Create a variety by introducing various kinds of citrus fruits like melons, pineapples, and grapes.

Remember the budget

Investing in reusable baskets is a good idea because the basket for whom it is intended can use it advantageously. A beautiful basket can also be used for decorating the home when the fruits have been eaten up. There is a wide variety available when you start customizing the fruit basket delivery. Also, keep in mind the budget during customizing because the wide variety available can really carry you away. Baskets of all budgets are available at the online stores so you must select accordingly.