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Top Companies to work within Singapore

Everyone in this world wants to work with their dream companies as far as from the point of view of job seekers. So here also there is no exception for this. People of Singapore also have some specific taste and preferences as far as their dream company to work for. So when a survey was conducted in Singapore from 1200 job seeker about their dream companies. Then some common name of well-known companies came into their mouth. So let’s see, what are those companies on whom Singaporeans also bank upon to get their dream job of their life time. It is quite evident that to build a strong career path the experience from a good and reputed company is essential. To grow further in life it is very important to start the career from a reputed company from where an individual can learn a lot.


This name will come first in the minds of the Job seekers of Singapore is quite obvious. Retaining the number one spot for the favourite employer Google now created its new Asia specific headquarters in Singapore. Google has opened they're headquartered just the last year. They are using the country as a hub to expand their research and development program. Google’s innovation broad career opportunity, wide presence, and employee friendly work environment has made this organization a great organization to work for. Apple office Singapore address is Apple South Asia Pte Ltd, 7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64, Singapore 569086.


After the name of this great company, another big name which has become the one stop destination for the youth of Singapore is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, innovative ideas which have inroads Facebook to take over the world. The best thing about Facebook is that they nurture the strengths of employees and try to focus on that. So that people enjoy their work not get stressed out of it. That is the reason why they are the masters of global tech change.


From No 2 to No 3 this drop is due to the fact they are preparing for the grand opening of their new office in South East Asia in Singapore. Steve jobs policy of attention to detail makes apple the most favourite place for employment to the job seekers in Singapore. In apple, an employee will get the opportunity to work with like minded individuals who are ready to create products that really matter. Apple office Singapore is newly built to spread their tech innovation there.

Singapore Airlines:-

After these three tech giants come to the name of this organization from the aviation industry to hold the rank 4 spot in the race for the best employer in Singapore. It has received The Ranstad Hall of Fame 2015 award. These companies' name has been popularized among the youth of Singapore.

So these are the most popular employer in Singapore which every Singaporeans dreamt of. The address of Apple office Singapore is in great demand here. That is the reason why people love to be a part of these great organizations to work for in their lifetime. They can initiate change to this society with their attractive approach.