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Netball academy launched at Cardiff and Vale College

Do you want to know where the netball stars of the future are coming from? If so, look no further than the new netball academy at Cardiff and Vale College. Netball hopefuls aged 16 to 18 will be able to study for either A-levels or their vocational qualifications while training for a future in the competitive sport of netball.

England’s biggest women's team sport

At least
one million women play netball at the amateur and professional level every week. In fact, it is said to be the fastest-growing sport for women in the world.

Welsh international player Kyra Jones, who represented her country both at the Commonwealth Games and the World Cup, will step in as head coach, and players will train and play their home games at Cardiff City House of Sports, a cluster of high-quality training facilities both indoor and outdoor.

The College has already had huge success with its rugby and football academies, with the rugby academy team finishing a very creditable fourth in the "Schools World Cup", the Rosslyn Park Sevens, in 2017. It’s this winning formula of sports development and first-class coaching that CAVC will bring to the new netball academy.

Open to all

CAVC’s academy programme is designed to provide a specialised and supportive environment to nurture young athletes. The netball academy is also an attempt to attract more young women to participate in sport and to boost wellbeing and fitness. For young players who might previously have learned their skills from a netball drill training video from providers like, it’s a real opportunity to show off their skills in a proper competitive environment.

The facilities at CAVC are second to none, offering both academic and vocational courses that the academy entrants will pursue as they learn the skills of the game. This is an amazing opportunity for young women who want to engage with a fast-growing and exciting sport to train at the highest level and also access necessary qualifications. The young learners will also have full access to the facilities at the Cardiff International Sports Campus and the high-performance gym at the City Centre Campus, where they’ll hone their overall fitness.

The college is currently recruiting entrants to the netball academy, which is expected to become fully operational over the next few weeks.