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Medical Product Buying Strategy For Clinics And Hospitals In Small Towns

Buying standard and quality medical products was never an easy task for clinics and hospitals in small towns of India. They had lack of options and the traditional mode of procurement was the only resort. So, they accepted what suppliers and distributors bothered about and this severely affected quality.

The scenario is a lot changed these days – online medical stores are now available for anyone and everyone to buy the best quality equipment in an easy manner. So, factors like distance, geography and time no more play the hindrance and doctors form small cities or towns are in a beneficial position.

Here is how small town clinics and hospitals can benefit from retail stores -

1#-Easy availability of any product

Small town hospitals were never in a position to dictate terms when it came to buying the medical products of choice. They had to settle with whatever supplier deemed fit from their own profit and margin point of view. Products from premier brands were a rarity as they were hardly taken beyond the big cities and metro towns. Today, these clinics can visit online stores, browse through a huge listing of products and select whatever is the requirement. They don’t have to rely on anyone else now for products of choice and this freedom is perhaps the biggest benefit to them.

2#-Quality medical products 

Online medical stores only list products from topmost brands of the domain. They invite manufacturers from all parts of the world and list their equipment for wider and bigger coverage and penetration pan-India. So, clinics and doctors find it easy to find medical products from reliable players only. More so, only certified medical manufacturers and trusted healthcare companies can list their products on these online platforms. This is the reason behind small town hospitals getting quality products with a minimum effort. So, a right procurement strategy can help doctors add value to their domain and deliver best possible treatment to patients.

3#-Heavy discounts and regular offers 

Shopping medical equipment online has ensured not only ease and convenience to buyers but also price benefits at all levels. First of all, clinics can expect to get heavy discounts on bulk shopping in the way offline modes deliver. Plus, regular offers are also available through these sites which also ensure price advantages to healthcare providers. The best thing is, clinics can now buy directly from medical manufacturers and get cheap products due to cost cutting through direct sales channel in place. This layered approach to cost cutting puts both manufacturers and hospitals in a win-win situation.

4#-Product delivery with no extra cost

It’s very beneficial for small town clinics to not having to pay anything and getting medical products delivered at their doorstep in quick time. Most healthcare manufacturers charge nothing for delivering products and they meet the delivery schedule goals within the stipulated time.

So, doctors can feel easy as not only they get the choice of products easily but also without paying extra for delivery.