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Conversion from PSD to CSS: How and Why?

What is PSD?

The full form of PSD is PhotoShop Document. PhotoShop is known to be one of the most popular softwares for editing your images. It is used to create, edit pictures and designs and then save them in any format as per the requirement. A file that is formatted or photo shopped is usually stored in a format PSD. PhotoShop is one of the finest softwares that is used to create designs and edit pictures, and many web designers use PhotoShop to create designs for their web pages. But these designs need to be converted into the HTML CSS format. Converting the PSD files into HTML CSS is often done by code experts.

Importance of converting PSD into CSS for web development

Images and Designs is a very important in a website. The design is what helps a company with logos and is used to add color and dimension to a site. The designs that are put on a website are developed through photoshop as it is one of the convenient platforms for designing and editing the images. However, the files that are created by Photoshop are not web friendly and needs to be converted into the desired formats. The conversion from PSD to CSS is one of the important steps in web development as it makes the website appear professional to the developers.

How does it work?

The conversion is quite similar to the architectural designs which are implemented in a house or a building such as creating hallways, creating partitions, etc. These things increase and enhance the usage and the beauty of a house or building. Likewise, conversion of PSD into CSS helps the website look highly functional and attractive to the users.

We are known that the design of a website is one of the essential things in a website. And adding PSD images to a website calls for the conversion. There are various advantages of the conversion of the PSD files into CSS format. Some of them are:

·         CSS also known as cascading style sheets is used for implementing effective styles and presentation to the websites.

·         CSS is used to separate the designing details from the text which helps in modification and makes it easy.

·         CSS makes the website reliable and effective.

One of the primary reasons for getting a responsive PSD to CSS conversion Service is because PSD files are cumbersome and can cause issues while loading a website. Therefore it is highly necessary to convert the PSD to CSS to improve the efficiency of the website.

There are many ways to convert the PSD format into the HTML CSS format.

Self Coding:

There are many people with the technical knowledge who can code it all by themselves, including the design, without having to go through the entire conversion which is a very important step in web developing.

Tools for conversion:

There are many PSD to CSS conversion Service Provider Company out in the market which helps you convert PSD into CSS. One can also get the tools online which helps in the conversion, but it comes with a little compromise on the pixels.