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7 Hookah Etiquette You Must Know

The tradition of smoking hookah has mostly been a part of socializing and has extended to several countries of the world. Hookah culture relates to its ages old history, atmosphere, customs, etiquette and much more. Setting up a hookah session is a kind of tedious task sometimes if you are new to it, but maintaining the rules is as important as a perfect hookah atmosphere.

A number of stylish and colorful hookahs are available in the market. You can also place an order to buy it from the best hookah shop in Peoria, Arizona. If you are about to arrange a hookah session or are invited to one such gathering, there are a few etiquette you should follow in order to enjoy the time at its fullest:  

1. If you are hosting the hookah gathering, try to involve as many guests as you can. Even though someone is not interested in smoking, the ‘get to gather’ might peak someone’s curiosity for hookah. Just make sure you are not pressuring any guest to smoke. You can make the guests feel welcomed by involving them in the procedure of setting up the hookah.

2. The most crucial thing you should know is to respect the house rules if you are invited to a hookah party. There could be dos and don’ts where you are invited. It might seem polite to help in setting the hookah up but take permission before doing so. Hookah has an old tradition and it may vary from house to house depending on a person’s native place.

3. Pick a direction of rotation and stick to the cycle without being a ‘hookah hog’. Typically smokers choose clockwise rotation, but if the hookah pipe goes straight to the person sitting beside you, everyone fairly gets their turn to smoke. Bear in mind to not to keep the hose with you for a long time. You might think puffing once and passing is enough to experience the hookah flavor for which you can take 2-3 puffs before passing. But being a ‘hookah hog’ while others are waiting for their turn is totally unacceptable.

4. Refrain from balking. After smoking your puffs, when you are about to hand over the hose and suddenly decide, “Oh wait! I want one more puff,” then that is called balking and you are a balker. Remember not to be such a kill joy.

5. If you are talkative and have lots of happening stories, go on! But, after passing the hose. Do not keep the hosepipe with you even when you are done with puffing. Smokers around you would love to hear your story but they would love it even more after puffing.

6. Another imperative thing is to keep the smoke in the air and not to blow it towards someone’s face, or a pet in the house. Keep in mind that blow smoke in the air even it is right after your puffs while you are still handing the hose to the person sitting next to you. Also, note that the tip of the hosepipe should be away from your next smoker.

7. If the circle of hookah smokers is large and the hookah set up is a bit distant from you, move it closer but not by the hose. If you need to move the hookah even when you are not smoking, drag it by the base and never by the stem. 

Different countries have different hookah etiquette. If you are traveling to some other country, do ask the hookah server or a native before you consider your hookah manners genuine and polite. Smoking hookah is a thrilling experience. If you need to buy one, you can consider the store of which is an excellent smoke shop in Peoria, Arizona. They have a variety of tobacco flavors along with quality devices for smoking.