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3 Strategies To Help Your E-Commerce Sales

With the advent internet and e commerce is on the rise since its introduction way back in 1990’s with increase popularity more and more companies are relying on internet to sell their products, services  and compete with others. As the customers are feeling at ease to buy products online it has become quite a challenge for the businesses to compete and retain their customers.

So in this highly competent business how does other companies manage to survive? Well here are some proven tricks to help boost your e sales.

  1. Analyze and Measure Everything-The use of email marketing, Google ad sense campaign etc is very important and one must keep track of every move you make. For instance if you are sending emails to your regular and prospective buyers, Here what need to be done is to measure your campaign results by  shortening your email URL as it is easy to measure the performance. 

    It is very important to create emails and tag to your customers very carefully, you never know which email campaign might work out for you. You have to very keen on every aspect of your campaign like which email worked wonder, the amount of revenue generated, how many people actually opened the link among other links.

    Every part of your campaign strategy should be carefully and meticulously tracked and planned. As a result it is possible to get more successful share in advertisement campaign and accordingly successfully plan it for future.
  2. Multiple Sources of Leads- In e-commerce one should never rely on a single source have a backup and multiplying on many sources is very important. Staying put on a single source can put your business to risk and it is very dangerous. Algorithm changes will always happen, so to best way to keep yourself in the market is by diversifying your effort to get lead.

    There are so many way to divert traffic in your website, some of the most common yet successful ways are Facebook ads,
    Google ad words, email marketing, Google merchant, yahoo ads etc. and you should continue to diversify your leads and sources to effectively promote your business.

    One should always begin on a small scale  and if it is a success voila you have some perspective of market. Every business is different and the way of marketing worked wonders for others will not necessarily work for you, try to search something for your own, dot the math do the trial and error method you sure will succeed.

    Also nowadays many e commerce websites try to generate customers through coupon websites like pay tm and shop clues try to cash in customers by giving discounts and coupons like

    Paytm 100 cash back code offer
    and Shop clues 100 percent cash back offer.
  3. The 80/20 Principle The 80/20 principle is very beneficial especially to know the amount of lead generated by every individual. The principle of 80/20works wonders for an ecommerce company key product information or (KPI) like product revenue breakdown on a particular product, revenue for a particular day and time etc. this principle is very beneficial when looking at how much product was sold.
    Many a times it happens that roughly 20% of products are generating 80% of profit, therefore why not sell those most popular product on specific pages? Why not include those top sellers on the home page? You need to accordingly strategies your marketing. The more specific a campaign is, the easier it is to measure and scale.   
To be successful you must need to need to analyze and measure your campaign and track everything rely on many sources and apply the 80/20 principle trust me you can significantly increase your revenue.