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What is lowest dose of Duromine? How does it work?

You could be surprised to know that the Duromine 15 mg doses can be obtained without a prescription. These, unlike the higher doses, are legally bought with prescriptions. Just as the basic use of Duromine, this drug also helps you lose weight. However, the level is lower and the effects are lower too.

In this article, we will give you the reviews of duromine 15mg so that you can easily use the drugs. However, we also ask you to update or ask your doctor about how you should use the product. Your doctor would know which drug is right for you.

Just like any other drug, you could want to know how long you would take to lose weight with the drug. However, the answer to this question varies from one person to another. 

Some people start seeing difference from the first week, while some take more than that.

You are supposed to consume this appetite suppressant early in the morning as that is when it works the best. There are rare cases where the user might not have got any benefit at all. It is good to talk to your doctor, if you come across this condition. It could mean that Phentermine is not working for you.

How much weight can you lose?

There are many stories of Duromine 15 mg. People have been seen to gain 2-7 lbs per week with the drug. However, some key factors that would determine this are, body’s sensitivity to drug, physical activity, diet, BMI, diseases, and more.

In most cases, you can lose most weight during the first week or month. You slowly start increasing the level of weight loss. You must talk to your doctor at every step of usage and progress.

Side Effects

Just like any other drug, it is common to face side effect from Duromine 15 mg. The medicine doesn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t face any negative effect. However, they are likely to be mild and disappear in a few days. Some effects to expect are, insomnia or sleep issues, drying of mouth, headache, constipation, lack of energy, dizziness, heart rate increase, and more.

You could also have some rare side effects with Duromine and that are chest pain, breathing issues, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitation, and more. If you experience these you must talk to your doctor and stop consuming the drug.

The reviews of duromine 15mg suggest that you would have to consume the drug for over a month to understand how it works. The length of treatment varies with the user’s goals. Sometimes the price of the product impacts on how long you can take the drug. Medication will be for a short span of time, which is why you need to consume the drug along with adding personal efforts. With regular exercise and diet, you can expect the drug to yield you right amount of results. Other than that, you might again find yourself gaining weight or wanting to misuse the drug dosage.