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The House of Marley Products

If you are looking out for a very good headset and still want to save some pennies, the House of Marley produces some of the best in class headsets. They also come up with a variety of accessories and devices to enhance your music experience. In addition to delivering superior quality headsets, they are also committed to a charitable cause. For each headset purchased, they plant a tree- about 25,000 thousand trees have been planted till date. So if you believe you have a small part to play in making our planet a greener one, this is the headset you are looking for, as you directly or indirectly are involved in this social cause. When it comes to quality, they do not compromise on anything. All their products are made of FSC certified wood and recyclable aluminium housings. They also come in different colours- making it a perfect match for your music device. So what makes them stand out from their counterparts is that- instead of going around advertising their products, they are deeply committed to their project which supports global reforestation. Take a deep look at our Marley headphones review before choosing.

Comfort and quality at affordable prices

The House of Marley products combines comfort and supreme quality acoustics to produce what we call “eye-catching” products. All their products are engineered with perfect tuning and noise cancellation technologies- thus making your audio experience worthwhile. Another reason why you should opt for these earphones is that they come at affordable and attractive prices- ranging from $19.99 to $99.99. With a wide range of inner ears and over the ear headphones, they produce products that are way too good compared to their competitors, both in terms of quality and price. Each model resembles the renowned musician Bob Marley and his reggae movement in one way or the other. Most of their products are made with 70% bio-plastic housings with almost all of the ear buds made with regrind silicone rubber. With every model you choose, you get a compact, flexible, and powerful listening experience.

Keep your options straight

They have also come up with new turntables- delivering you a gorgeous music experience. All their products have earned a good reputation online/offline with a lot more people showing their love and support for the Marley headphones. Their positive vibrations series of headphones have gathered positive reviews- making them one of the best-selling brands. But before making your decision, it is best recommended to make a thorough research about what you are buying. Take a look at our Marley headset review before getting into conclusion. Though many music lovers pour in their praises for the House of Marley products, there are some people whohave come forward with some acquisitions for the same. 

Where to buy?

All their products can be purchased directly from their website or from Amazon. If you purchase from their website, they will be shipping it to your address via FedEx, which generally arrives in 2-5 business days. No matter where you purchase their headphones, they are pretty strict when it comes to quality- delivering you the promised results.