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Risks Involved During Camping and Ways to Avoid Them

Camping can be exciting, but at the same time very dangerous. It provides you a wide range of outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, biking, or fishing. Its health benefits are numerous. Camping is the best opportunity to spend time with nature, socializing with friends and family, alleviate your mood and reduce your stress. 

Not many of the people are aware of this fact that camping can also call for some serious hazard. Prior knowledge and better preparation will help you keep all the possibilities of mishappenings at bay. 

Lyme Disease

Do you know that campaign can cause you Lyme disease? It happens to people when they camp or hike at places where there is grass or wood. The particles of this disease get transmitted to a human being via the bite of infected organism. 

You can identify this disease with the help of a few symptoms such as a headache, skin rash, fatigue, and fever. When the disease is unattended then it can even spread to the heart, joints, and the nervous system. Use of a powerful insect repellent and regular tick checks is what can keep this disease at bay.

Poison Ivy

Your entire camping trip can end if you come across a poison ivy. It is a type of plant allergy that is commonly seen in the US. The infection causing particles of this disease appear in the form of clusters of three. 

Two of its leaves spread in the opposite direction on the stem and the 3rd one grows at the top. Poison ivy has the tendency to grow up on the trees. If you come in contact with blisters, rashes, swelling and redness due to it, then you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.


This is a type of sensation that generally occurs to people who camp in cold weather season. You must ensure that your tent is rain proof. You must also know how to build a fire. 

People who do not make necessary arrangements can start to feel a chilling sensation, numbness in the skin, weakening of muscles and lack of coordination. is the best source of true and unbiased information on a variety of sports clothing and accessories.


Bears are one of the common threats that can impact you severely when you encounter them without any safety precautions. It has been seen that one to one encounter with bears can even take their life.
To protect yourself from such accidents, you should never leave any food outside your premises. Also, ensure that you always store the food in a locked vehicle. Use of bear-proof dumpster can ensure that your garbage is maintained in a clean and odor free state. 


You should not immerse yourself into the fun of camping so much that you forget about paying attention to the potential threats and dangers associated with it. With proper safety measures and techniques and a proactive approach, you can easily avoid danger signs quickly.