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Finger licking mutton dishes to taste

Mutton is used in many dishes in India. It can be a part of tasty and spicy curries or it can be a part of Kebabs and grilled snacks. There are many ways by which one can prepare mutton. People even try various recipes at home and restaurants and some experiments have become so fruitful that they have become famous and majorly prepared dishes in all over India. The meat lovers have delighted to know that there are endless mutton recipes which are available these days.

If you are trying to find out boti fry masala recipe, then you will find them in online cooking sites and sometimes videos as well which will display how to cook it step by step. There are some other amazing mutton recipes available which one should try as well.

  • Khatta Meat: This is a special mutton recipe which has been originated in Kashmir. As the name says, it is ‘khatta’ (which means sour) in taste, and for the people who live in Jammu, this dish is a staple for them. The dish is also very spicy and tastes different from regular mutton curries.
  • Mutton Paya: This specific mutton dish has a lot of Indian spices in it. It also enhances the flavour of the meal. If one is planning for Biriyani or Zeera rice for lunch or dinner, then this one is a perfect combination as a side dish.
  • Mutton Pepper Fry: Yes, mutton does not mean only thick gravies. Pepper fry is a welcome dish for those who are bored from mutton curries. This has a specific Andhra style of cooking as the dish’s origin is there.
  • Chettinad Mutton Kulambu: This is a delightful dish for those who love to eat meat. Kulambu is a Tamil word which actually means gravy. Here the mutton pieces are small and they are cooked in a masala filled gravy. But here is one catch. The masala has to be in the right quantity to make the gravy perfect.
  • Mutton Daak Bungalow: This is a very old and traditional mutton recipe which is hardly cooked these days. Those who have Anglo Indian origin know this recipe well as it has originated from them only. But this recipe is still a popular one in a few restaurants in Kolkata and if you are here in the city, then you should not miss it.
  • Kerala Style Mutton Korma: This is a very rich and spicy recipe of mutton and it is mainly prepared in occasions like weddings. The origin is the state of Kerala and it is delicious.
  • Mutton Saagwala: It is a completely Punjabi style mutton curry which goes very well with Makin Di Rote (breads made from corn flour). It also goes well with tandoori roti.
  • Lal Maas: The name means red meat. The dish also looks red in colour and it is very spicy. This one has the recipe from royal kitchens of Rajputana. Long back when the kings used to go for hunting, this dish was prepared in the camps.
 You can find how to make masala boti fry on online recipe sites.