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Brand New Mac Pro and Apple Display are in Works Right Now

Apple’s most powerful desktop machine, Mac Pro is finally getting refreshed. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the Senior VP of worldwide marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller claims that the company is “completely rethinking the Mac Pro”.

This is a much-awaited refresh since the machine hasn’t got one since its last update in 2013. And if you plan to buy a Mac Pro in India, you might want to wait for the new version which is obviously going to have some cool new features.

However, the new version of the Mac Pro won’t arrive this year. According to Schiller, "You won’t see any of these products this year. He mentioned that Apple is working hard to build a new Mac Pro system with a separate pro display while it is not yet ascertained when either of the machines will be released.”

The team that is responsible for developing both the systems is taking time in designing the next Mac Pro so that they can avoid any design constraints of the existing model.  

It is certainly good news for users who have been worried that Apple has no interest in updating its highest-end desktop. The upgrade process is extremely crucial because Apple intends to improve and add features that are lacking in the current Mac Pro. These are features that the company unwittingly sacrificed while it was betting on a strikingly sleek design. 

Unfortunately for Apple, their “can’t innovate, my ass!” attitude with which they unveiled the Mac Pro to the tech world in 2013 became valid in a more literal sense in all these years when the company found that the machine’s design restricts its ability to upgrade. 

“We designed ourselves into a bit of a corner,” said Apple’s Senior VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi while speaking of the current Mac Pro’s unique arrangement. The pro computer’s innards around a triangular heat sink are located inside a cylindrical framework.

He stated, “We wanted to do something bold and different. What we didn’t appreciate completely at the time was how we had so tailored that design to a specific vision that in the future we would find ourselves a bit boxed in — into a circular shape.”

The hardware engineering VP of Apple, John Ternus, also offered a similar fun-while-it-lasted analysis of the Mac Pro. He says, “It served its purpose well.”  However, now, “It just doesn't have the flexibility we now know we need to have.”

There was also a rare apology that was offered by Phill Schiller, "The current Mac Pro ... was constrained thermally and it restricted our ability to upgrade it," he said. "And for that, we’re sorry to disappoint customers."

Although these are rare and unprecedented admissions by Apple, we have history to speak for itself that Apple has always considered that people don’t know what they want unless you show it to them approach to product design.

So, in the afternoon spent in the roundtable of Apple inner sanctums, admissions were delivered about the mechanisms of Mac Pro. Simultaneously, the Machine Shop is ripe in the Mac history, and there is a possibility for new Mac history to be made.

The workshop has glass cases of old Macs and Quick-Take camera prototypes. There’s also computer-driven precision-cutting machine inside with their contents hidden away with drapes of black fabric. A critic will pause to question Apple’s commitment to Mac pro if they were to see the place.

“We made something bold that we thought would be great … and what we discovered is that it was great for some and not others — enough so, that we realized we had to take another path ... and look for the next answer,” Schiller said.

Thereby a reimagined Mac Pro is, for now, is ways off. However, in the meantime, the current Mac Pro line is given a spec bump by Apple. It is going to freshen it up a little and improve the pros a little bit more value for money. The new spec would include a $2,999 rig with a six core Intel Xeon processor with dual AMD FirePro D500 GPUs that would have 16GB of memory and a $3,999 rig with an eight core processor with a dual d700 GPUs.

So, if you plan to wait for the new Mac Pro in India, we would suggest you at least wait for the specs update since the completely upgraded new machine would take the time to be released.