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The Widely Popular Cuisine from across the Border

Why is there so much love for Chinese food? Why is it so popular in India? From handcart owners to top notch restaurants, what made it so special? A cuisine widely accepted from Kashmir to Kanyakumari; how did it all start? Why is it the most popular choice for order food online in Bangalore or Mumbai? These are questions that buzz in my head every time I eat Chinese food.

India has always attracted people from the world over. This pull of people from various lands has enriched Indians choice of food. One section of people from across the border, who have been around for a while in India is the Chinese. It is said that the first lot of Chinese visited India searching for the teachings of Buddha.

Yang Tai Chow is the first recorded Chinese to migrate to India for material prospects. The easily accessible metropolitan by China, then the capital of British ruled India: Kolkata or Calcutta was the town where he put down his roots in the year 1778. In the early part of the 20th century a China town had developed in Kolkata. Chinese men served various professions but it was the restaurateurs that the Chinese found their fame and glory.

The Indian culinary world was affected by a new cuisine about 85 years ago with the first Indo Chinese restaurant Eau Chew opened in Kolkata. Every person who came out of the restaurant came satiated and impressed. The word spread like fire to all who hadn’t tried the new cuisine of foreign origin. Before one knew it the Indian Chinese food had tickled the taste buds of every big and small town and city in India.

This spectacular popular food is cooked using stir fries and wok toss which is not just easy but also quite fast to cook that appealed to the Indian masses with the various sauces and spices that suite the taste of our land. Thus the Chinese food has created a huge impact on a day-to-day meal option and it wasn’t served by restaurants big and small, but also by handcart owners, highway food stalls and mobile chow Mein vans with innovations of bringing the fusion of Indian street food in Chinese versions.

Speed and efficiency is always appreciated. Chinese food hardly takes time to arrive on your table and with the digital trend developed in metropolitan cities the new trend of order food online Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and other cities the Chinese food to be delivered on your dining table right at home or to your office desk for an evening snack is just a matter of minutes.

The base of most of the Indo Chinese food is the soya-garlic-chilli combination with capsicum, carrots and cabbage which is widely available in any parts of the country. The soya vinegar adds the extra bit if zing that is refreshing and the tangy spiciness makes it feel close to home. Each of these dishes feels similar yet unique.  One thing is for sure, Chinese food is here to stay!