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The 5 Benefits of Handmade Shoes

Many shoe designers told you that they are keen on their designs, but they just can't find a justice stage, cos many companies are too commercial. They are not willing to produce only one single shoe, cos they think there is no benefit.

Still the handmade shoes have key benefits as below 
  • Stylish look: Great Style and Fit, actually the each pair is a masterpiece. The stylish look and design make you agree to buy these shoes, cos you want to own a pair of such latest and stylish shoes. In comparison, of the machine made types you will detect that these shoes have a wonderful finish with great care of. So nothing can beat their quality, style, gorgeousness and excellence.
  • Shape-Size: It’s not to hide that the machine made shoes cheaper, cos they made with the help of machines and made in a common standard. But have you ever notice that they are available with limited size and shapes. But, in case of handmade shoes, you can order to make a shoe which is adapted by the size and shape of your legs. 
  • Health Friendly: what? Shoes? Health friendly? How: Yes!!! You read it right, also it’s not typo mistake. When it comes to handmade shoes, men or women have the choice to buy or order custom shape and size shoes that fit to the legs. Well, it is already scientifically approved that the wearing of the unfit shoes that not with right size can also adversely affect your health. So, you will avoid having those nasty calluses and ankle wounds.
  • Leather Quality: It’s common that the machine made shoe leather cracks and splits after some time of usage, and of course, nobody would like to wear spilt or crack shoe. It is because of these shoes made of cheap quality leather, so that the shoe avails with low cost, but finally what the result, is the loss of a buyer. So what, if the handmade shoes are priced a bit higher, after all they made up of premium quality leather for years.
  • Stable: Definitely Handmade-shoes more stable than the ready-made shoes. Actually, manufacturing of shoe, pass several stages, your local shoe maker or the custom shoes maker keeps an interval in between these various stages, when he makes the shoes. While in case ready-made shoes No Gap between making a pair of shoe. Cos of hurry to increase the production and sales. And, these gaps between stages make the shoe in rest and strong with super fit quality piece.
The four essential parts of a shoe are… 

·         Last
·         Insoles
·         Upper and
·         Sole. 

Together they make a complete shoe which can be worn with comfort and ease by buyers in daily life or the special day such as occasion and reason. Shoe’s upper parts can be made of leather from goats, pigs, buffalo and so on. Various varieties of materials such as denim material, polyester fabrics, canvas use to make shoe look very trendy.

It is advisable to choose a handmade shoe, even if it costs more, as they are worth the money. And the FJS's Designer Dream Plan is just a right place for all the designers to show and popularize their ideas/designs. Cos all of the shoes are handmade in our factory. We are happy and willing to product any designs without infringement