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Know How to Choose Perfect Flowers for Different Occasions

Flowers have always been one of the evergreen gift items. In old days people didn't have that much of money to buy expensive gift items for their loved ones so they used to delight their special ones gifting with the easiest and prettiest item like flowers.

Nowadays one can find millions of gift items to choose from but still flowers are dominating the list of most popular and adorable gift items. Now you might be wondering to know the reason behind it. Well, flowers are pretty and they are also quite a smart choice when it comes to gifting someone. For example if you do not know a person very well and you have to gift him/ her something nice, a bouquet of flowers can be an excellent option.

The advantages of gifting flowers are that they are not expensive and they are suitable to every kind of occasion. No matter what kind of occasion you are going to attend- be it a birthday party, wedding anniversary, valentine's day or funeral, a bouquet of flowers is the best way to show your love, respect or sympathy towards your special one.

Before buying the flowers for any occasion, you should definitely know how to choose perfect flowers which is meant for the specific occasion. Now this article tells you about choosing the ideal flowers for each occasion.


Wedding is the most special day in your life. Just like most of the people you may already have an idea what type of flowers you are looking for the big day in your life. Seasonal flowers will definitely have the best blooms during the season of your wedding. When you are choosing flowers for your wedding, you should always choose according the theme of your wedding.


When it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding anniversary, it is always better to go for flowers that your spouse likes or else choosing rose or daisy could be the best option for this special day. Rose or Daisy resembles eternal love for each other. You should definitely avoid yellow carnation as they represent disappointment.


A lot of people have the misconception that red roses are ideal for the first date and you should not be a victim of this wrong idea. You should definitely go for something less intimidating but still expresses the love and affection. For your first date you should go for Tulip, Hydrangea, orchids, dandelions or baby breath. You can also go for blue color which would show your unique test.


Funeral of someone is definitely a sad day and on this day flowers are given as a flower arrangement stand instead of designing them in a bouquet. You can opt for vase arrangement also. Chrysanthemum, lilies, roses are some of the choices that you should opt for when it comes to expressing your sympathy.


If he/she is your good friend then you probably know what are the flowers he/she like. If not, you should definitely go for the flowers that suit the personality of your best friend. If your friend loves adventures, choosing dried or exotic flowers could be the best option. , baby breath, hydrangeas, cotton, sweet william or roses can be the excellent choices for your friend with sweet and loving personality.


When it comes to expressing the true gratitude coming from core of your heart, Hydrangea, rose, Lilly and Tulip are the best choice that you can opt for.

Now you might have gotten an idea about the flowers for different occasions. If you want to send flowers to special one who stays in Gurgaon, you can easily send flower through online flower delivery in Gurgaon.