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Be careful when you are pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful feelings in a woman’s life and it is a life changing experience for them. Through this phase one can learn a lot of things which they have not done earlier. There are lot of changes that happen to the body and the system. One has to take extra care of their movement and everything else that they do.

There are many pregnancy blogs in Hindi which are available and one can take tips from it.

It is important to take advice of a gynaecologist when one is pregnant. In fact, they can take the doctors’ help even when they are trying to conceive a child. One has to get into shape before you get pregnant. One has to be healthy; but not obese or very overweight. Obese women do face a lot of difficulty when they try to get pregnant and they also have a tendency to get into gestational diabetes.

This leads to a lot of complexity. So, start doing exercises regularly if one is planning to get pregnant. Enrol for an exercise program if one thinks they can do and start doing it soon.  One has to eat and maintain a healthy diet during this period of time. As the dieticians say, one has to have at least five portions of green vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. 

Then the meal should also contain a lot of carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread. Then there has to be some eggs, meat and fish along with milk and a portion of pulses as well. Fish is important because it contains Omega 3 fatty acids and this is very vital for the development of the nervous system of the baby.

Be very careful about the hygiene of the food which you are eating. Some food items are a strict no during this time period. This can harm your baby as well. So never indulge yourself to frost ready to cook meals or unpasteurised milk. Do not eat street foods which are too oily and are made of things which are nit healthy. Avid very deeply fried things as well. Cook your food in utensils which are clean and wash them thoroughly. Always wash your hands or use a sanitizer before you eat

Do not try to take any medicine on your own when you are pregnant. Not even regular medicines like paracetamols, antacids or mild pain killers. This can be absolutely wrong to your pregnancy. Consult your gynaecologist all the time when you feel a bit uneasy in any way and let them prescribe. Otherwise, these self medications can lead to abnormality in your baby.

It is always a good idea to remain a bit flexible during this tenure. One can do light exercises on a regular basis or can join a yoga session where the trainer can help them do proper ‘asana’ which will help them to survive a healthy pregnancy. To get pregnancy tips in Hindi, one can refer to the online sites.