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2017 Ecommerce Trends: A Revelation of How Modern Customers Shop

Despite the ease in launching a web store, scaling up an online web store remains one of the most difficult tasks to do even for the most experienced e-commerce experts. Experts are also saying that retailers should expect turmoil for those who hold legacy. They also advise that retailers should watch for modern technologies online and in the physical stores. Let’s look at the trends we expect to dominate in 2017.

1. Consolidation and closure will continue space

Many stores and malls have closed their outlets following the disastrous holiday season. 2017 is also expected to be a struggle for most of these retailers. A consumer report said that many companies are growing their stores and continue to pour more new stores while they fail to determine the demand. The impact of e-commerce and fast fashion on the traditional store retailers certainly magnifies the challenges faced by the department stores towards the off-price retailers. 

However, not all retailers are expected to shed of most of their stores. The consolidation of the retailing industry is another trend that is announced in 2017. Companies will continue to acquire other smaller companies to fulfill their retailing needs. This is a trend that was seen in 2016. It is also expected to continue towards 2017 and more years to come.

2. Malls will continue to mutate

The struggles facing companies like Sears, Macy’s and other companies are impacting the investors, associates, and store executives. Moreover, they are also creating havoc for shopping mas where most retailers reside their stores. While it is true that a vacuum is abhorred in nature, never look for retailers to fill the gap left behind by other retailers who closed their stores in the malls. While such malls are in distress, it is an opportunity to create new projects like entertainment and hospitality in the void left behind. A modern-day mall will stretch beyond housing, hospitality, and entertainment. More information is linked here

3. Wal-Mart continues its extreme makeover

Even as Amazon continues to grow and influence the shopping growth in the country, Wal-Mart has affirmed that it will not stay silent. Wal-Mart, one of the largest retailers in the world, says that it will take series of bold steps to compete with Amazon and boost its e-commerce fortunes. The company has also moved towards upgrading their mortar-and-brick stores. Wal-Mart has also shown no sign of slowing its pace. They are expected to move forward in 2017 to accommodate lucrative millennial shoppers and take decisive steps to have their business reinvented.

4. Offline and online expected to continue blurring

If consumers don’t think concerning channels, retailers should not also think regarding those channels either. However, many business retailing merchants continue to misinterpret the Omni-channel service fundamentals. While omnichannel means that a retailer has the capability to serve and sell products to their clients seamlessly regardless of their presence in the store or online shopping platforms, they have separated these channels into silos to have them operated independently. 

One of the most important trends we will expect to face in 2017 is the increased political uncertainty. This is seen o impact the retailing and consumer approaches with the development of new policies and new governments.