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5 Must-Have Features in A Video Intercom System for Home

With a myriad of options available out there, purchasing a right video intercom system for a home can be an arduous task. Moreover, you cannot even delay it buying any more if you live separately. So, what all parameters should you look in an intercom system before buying it?

As you may already know, an intercom allows you to interact with other people just by pushing a button. In such a scenario, you wouldn’t have to open your door until or unless you aren’t sure of the person standing at the other end of the door.

Undeniably, there are various benefits offered by video intercom system for a home in terms of security. But, there are some things that you must look out for before buying the video intercom system like for instance:
  1. Communication with Another Monitor:
    One of the prominent aims of installing an intercom is to have hassle-free communication. Hence, you must look out for such an intercom that allows you to establish a connect with another monitor easily. In this way, you can interact with people residing in another apartment, too. It proves out to be beneficial if some of your family members are living in another apartment in the same building, or if you want to communicate with the security guard.
  2. Call Recording:
    Another feature to look for in a Video Intercom System for Home is call recording option. Various intercoms offer call recording from panel to monitor, between monitors and monitor to monitor. Also, you can even review the calls afterwards. Hence, it will be advantageous if you aim at keeping a tab on someone.
  3. Snapshots or Video:
    While choosing an intercom, find out how it can help you recognise the person standing on the door. It is recommended to purchase an intercom that either records a video or takes a snapshot of the visitor or both. This feature will be helpful if you leave your kids behind in the house. So, they can record every person who has knocked the door.
  4. Adjustable Camera:
    While looking at the camera, you must select the one that comes with adjustability. It might not be appropriate if your camera is only clicking the visitors from one angle. Sometimes, you might not be able to gauge who is on the door, in such a scenario. Hence, look out for a camera that adjusts accordingly. It should revolve up, down, left and right to offer a better view.
  5. Other Features:
    Now, when it comes to some other additional features, you can consider having a Display screen, screen resolution, design, channels, digital control, additional privacy options, dimension, body, buttons, power supply, etc.
Yes, video intercoms have been helpful in reducing the crime rates and burglary incidences. Hence, you might not have any other option, but to install one at your house for the safety of your family members. So, before buying an intercom, don't forget to look at the above-listed options for making the right choice.