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Which is the best 6 stage RO system water filter to buy from the market?

Reverse osmosis process is the best technique to filter water and make it drinkable. Most of the water filter systems are now having RO system. That is exactly why it is becoming difficult for consumers to choose the best product from the market. It is important to note that most of these RO system integrated water filters have 4 to 5 stages of filtration.

But there are a few which have 6 stages of filtration through reverse osmosis system. With an additional step of balancing the pH value of water and adding necessary minerals back to filtered water, iSpring RCC7AK is the best 6 stage RO system at present.

How IsiSpring RCC7AK Different From Others?
First of all, it has six stages of filtration. So, all the water filters with less than six stages of filtration with RO system do not stand a chance in front of it.

The 6th Stage - What it does in the 6th stage with alkaline pH filter is that it balances the pH level completely. Most of the filtered mineral water is likely to be more alkaline, and it could lead to some health problems in the very long run. Therefore, it is perfect for human consumption.

Furthermore, it adds the lost minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium in the filtered water back again so that human body can benefit from them and suffer no deficiency. Hence, it is the ideal water filter you can ever have in your home.

Race Against APEC – Currently, the only established water filter equivalent to iSpring RCC7AK Whole House RO System is APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75. APEC is the market leader and has an alkaline filter. The capacity of APEC is slightly higher than iSpring but feature, taste, and price wise, iSpring is better.

Its price is less than APEC, and even the maintenance cost is lower. For a water filter, maintenance cost like changing the filters annually and other service charges are more important than the buying prices. iSpring would save you $30 at least over APEC.

It can remove over 1000 water pollutants up to 0.0001 micron sized particles. The water of waste ratio is at 1:2 compared to APEC’s at 1:3. It truly eliminates 99% of contaminants, unlike others who merely advertise it. It comes with lifetime support and 1-year money back guarantee. Installation is super easy, and you can do it yourself.

Taste – Taste of water matters for many. Most of the time when people start drinking filtered mineral water, the taste makes them uneasy. It is because of pH value and absence of vital minerals. With iSpring, the taste of water would truly be like the bottled mineral water, and an overall calculation has revealed that it would cost just 2 cents per bottle.

There is no undoubted that iSpring RCC7AK is the best 6-stage RO system available in the market right now. With less purchasing and cost, better taste and environmental-friendliness, it is soon to capture the market and become the leading water filter system.