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What All Factors Should You Consider While Buying Sports Shoes

If you are a sports person or a runner, then you must understand the importance of a perfect sports shoe. Different players in a same team, playing the same sport, might prefer different brands or type of sport shoes to play the game. This is because there is a different brand for each foot. We advise you to select yours depending on two factors, how you run, what you play today and how you would be playing or running tomorrow. Sports that require bulk running should be done in injury free shoes that ensure your comfort. Here are a few tips which can help you to experience a great run, as well as maintain healthy feet. 

1. Fit

It is the first and foremost thing which is essential in finding a good sports shoe. Ensure to find a pair that offers a snug fit under its upper and last fitting. A loose running shoe will slide from your foot within your shoe, which will increase the chances of falls, whereas tight shoes can increase the risk of blistering your foot. Small fit sports shoes can add compression, squeezing your foot which can increase the risk of injury on your foot. 

Several people face dreaded toenail problems, or bruising, because they don’t consider finding a perfect pair of shoes. In case you already have any feet problems like corn, nail plate bleeding etc, than we recommend you to seek advice from a healthcare professional to find the right pair for yourself. 

2. Heel Height

The heel height in a sport shoe,is usually pitch and drop around 0 to 14 mm. Most trainers buy their shoes using the one thumb rule, which states that the stiffer the ankle joint in your shoe, the better your running speed and balancing will be. The closer your heel feels to the back wall of your shoe, the better you will be able to perform in those shoes. 

Avoid choosing sports shoes with extreme heels as it might compromise at offering balance and comfort to your feet while running. Avoid using flat shoes aswell; it will eliminate the push, which can slow the speed push in the start of the run.

3. Price

Most popular sports shoes brands like Nike, Puma and Adidas etc, fall in expensive price range. So if you plan on buying one of these brands then we recommend you to check all the discount deals offered on this product. Consider, checking the fit before investing a hefty amount in a shoe. 

Aqualite Shoes Price makes it one of the most popular shoe brands in the country. Aqualite offers designs similar to big brands like Adidas and Nike, at a pocket friendly price range.

4. Cushioning 

Cushioning can play an important role in adding comfort and support to your feet. Ample cushioning also helps in absorbing shock which helps protect your feet muscles. However some people also prefer shoes with minimum cushioning. There is no data available to support either case; however cushioned shoes do offer greater shock absorption protection for your foot. The shoe has introduced materials like lunar glide by Nike and Boost Midsole by Adidas, to add more efficiency in these shoes.

Cushioning also ensures that you don’t suffer from any unnecessary bruising or cuts while running in these shoes. Avoid using shoes with zero cushions as it might make your feet rough, while also adding cuts on its edges. 

5. Outsole

Before choosing a shoe, ensure to determine if the quality of the outsole will be compatible with the surface you plan on using them on a daily basis. There are different types of outsoles offered in the market for different games, based on their field as well runners. The wrong outsole can cause sliding or slipperiness on your shoes, which can result in landing you on ground causing injury. So ensure to try the shoes before shaking hands on the deal, to see they will fit perfectly to its purpose. You can also use Google research to find the best kinds of console for the ground you plan on using them on. 
6. Motion Control

Footwear, today are seen as an engineered product, which prompts companies to offer features that can help balance the mechanical forces of your foot, which can enhance your running capacity and speed. Foot position is a major factor which can directly or indirectly lower limps of your body. So ensure to by a pair that delivers most comfort and motion control. Foot Injury is a major risk factor for runners which can cause some serious damage. Now brands like Nike and Adidas, have been investing their time in creating hybrid shoes that allows the people to balance their foot using the spectrum mechanism used in these shoe design.   


Here are few tips that we would like you to consider before investing in the next pair of sport shoes. Avoid running after brand name and choose a product that offers you most comfort. Most people invest in sports shoes to use them on a daily basis, usually for long runs, to rather focusing on shoe design, pay attention to the cushioning and motion control on the shoe. The more comfortable you feel in your new sports shoes the more likely you will be participating in your favorite sport or workout regime everyday.