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An Ultimate Guide To Most Popular Wedding Flowers For Your Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding day is one of the most awaited moments in your life. A wedding is all about showing off the bride’s personal style and creating one heck of a party. The wedding is a celebration where flowers play a big and an important role, used for both the decoration and for tradition. Flowers are the only thing from which you can show your personality on your special day. Also, only the flowers have the ability to express your feelings to your loved ones.

Without flowers, a wedding is like “the bridal bouquet without the blooms”. They symbolize true love, faith, purity, and strength of relations. So, they are the soul of all the wedding ceremonies. Each flower dedicates a special message with sentimental value. Many brides and grooms will choose their favorite flowers for their wedding ceremony.

When it comes to finding the most popular wedding flowers for your wedding bouquet, the search can get a little overwhelming. Nowadays, almost any type of flower can be incorporated into your flower bouquet. It is a once in a lifetime accessory for a bride. It is more than just a simple costume accessory. It is a focal point of the bride’s ensemble and a bride wants to carry their wedding bouquet with her at the end of her wedding ceremony.

Additionally, for a bride, the flower or wedding bouquet is not just a bunch of beautiful flowers tied together, which you have to carry with you at the end of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding bouquets are actually a part of a wedding tradition that symbolizes good luck and fertility. During Roman times, wedding bouquets were usually made from very pungent herbs, spices, and there was a belief that carries a strongly smelled bouquet was to ward-off the evil spirits.

But these days, this tradition is followed only for adding the touch of beauty and show your personal style. There are countless flowers that you can choose from to make a beautiful wedding bouquet, only a few of them are listed below. 
1.        Romantic Roses

Without any doubt, roses are considered as the most popular wedding flowers for bridal bouquets. They are available in a variety of hues and throughout the year. Their each color carries special meaning. The beautiful roses are considered as the symbol of love, romance, joy and beauty. They are widely used in wedding bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, and in all the wedding arrangements.

The three main varieties of roses that are mostly used for wedding purposes such as Hybrid roses, spray roses, and garden roses. All these varieties have been more popular in recent years for bridal bouquets because of their vintage blousy appearance, and very often the beautiful fragrance they carry with them.

2.        Beautiful Ranunculus

The beautiful ranunculus flower is an excellent choice for wedding bouquets because it is available in a variety of colors. This flower is a gorgeous and romantic flower which is perfect for all the wedding arrangements and it symbolizes the radiant charm. This flower looks stunning when paired with some beautiful foliages in a cascading type wedding bouquet. It is perfect for winter and spring weddings and it is also used to make boutonnières.

3.        Marvellous Tulips

The cheerful disposition and their range of color varieties make it a popular choice of wedding flowers not only for the bride’s bouquet, but also popular for the buttonholes and all the floral accents. It also comes in the variety of colors and are available year around.

4.        Gorgeous Peonies
Peonies are a perfect option for all the wedding floral arrangements because of all the texture they add to the light colored wedding arrangements. It is a large multi-petaled flower that has a strong fragrance and vibrant colors. This flower is a traditional sign of bashfulness and mostly used for bridal bouquets, accents or as part of an altarpiece. 

5.        Fabulous Hydrangeas

This flower is a fabulous choice for wedding bouquet because hydrangeas add a touch of vintage glamour to it. This flower makes a great accent and an addition to bouquets due to the size of the bloom and widely used due to their huge variety of colors. This flower comes in several shades and most of the florists mainly use these flowers to create texture.