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What to Expect from New York Image Consultant Training

No other city in the world has the same vibrancy and energy as New York City. Amid the diversity of people and industries, fashion has a unique place in the center of it all. Some of the most important designers in the world are found in the Big Apple while those who are just getting their start are intermingled throughout the industry. Anything related to fashion, luxury, glamour, and celebrity is represented well in the city. 

Everyone who has an interest in fashion is not destined to become a fashion designer. There are a number of related careers that allow them to work in the fashion industry without extensive training. Of these, becoming an image consultant allows them to be in the center of fashion with only a short training period. Sterling Style Academy explains that they offer 7-day New York image consultant training that is the ultimate learning experience. Nothing is more exciting than going on shopping excursions at large retail stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman’s. 

Not only are those who are trying to get started as fashion designers found in New York City, but it’s a great place to get the real-life shopping experience needed to be a successful image consultant. Even those who wish to pursue a different type of career in fashion will benefit from the New York image consultant training that will help them become familiar with the top brands and designers in the city. 

Responsibilities of an Image Consultant

What will New York image consultant training teach you? The role of the image consult is to evaluate clients’ wardrobe and find ways to improve and enhance what they already have. In some cases, the professional will be required to do an entire update and replace the wardrobe they have with more appropriate clothing for their body and coloring and/or for their role in society. 

Image consultants may also provide their services for people who want to change their image for personal reasons. The desire to update their look may come from a change in social or professional standing, or just to make them feel better about their appearance. 

What You Will Learn from New York Image Consultant Training

Image Consultants will need to learn a number of skills including not only image and style, but also in business and marketing so that they become capable of running their own business. Some of the areas of study will include:

·         Color Analysis
·         Personal Style Consulting
·         Wardrobe Consulting
·         Personal Shopping

These are fundamental components of the image consultant’s capabilities in order for them to be successful. Helping others create or update their wardrobe is about more than shopping for their new clothes. New York image consultant training will teach you what you need to know in an atmosphere where fashion is such an important part of everyone’s life. If you want a career in the fashion industry that doesn’t require a two- or four- year degree, becoming an image consultant may be the ideal way to reach your goals.